As each character got inspected by the Inspector, the limelight shone on them. This was an interesting use of the lights because in reality that person would have been under the spotlight when they got questioned by the Inspector

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An Inspector Calls (Media)

An Inspector Calls by J. B. Priestley is all about a girl called Eva Smith, who dies after drinking some strong disinfectant. We went to watch a theatre production of An Inspector Calls. Before we went to watch the stage production, we read the play in advance, so that the comparison between the written play and the acted out play could easily be spotted. The reactions from the audience and the very feeling of being in the theatre was in great contrast to sitting in a room and reading the play. It is obvious that the play was written to be acted out on stage.

These are the characters that were seen on the stage production:

  • Arthur Birling
  • Sybil Birling, his wife
  • Sheila Birling, his daughter
  • Eric Birling, his son
  • Gerald Croft, Sheila’s fiancée
  • Edna, the maid
  • Inspector Goole
  • Three children
  • Extra people, representing the real world

I am going to discuss the opening scenes of this production. The opening scenes of the production were very imaginative. They gave the audience a chance to reflect on what was happening and what the play was going to be about. The main theme of the opening was power. It was clear from the start that that was going to be a major theme in the rest of the play. The production started with the sound of the siren (representing World War 1) and with the curtains down. After a minute or so a little boy came on stage and shuffled the curtain material around a bit. After a while, two more kids joined him on stage and this was when the curtains were lifted. 

One of the other major themes in the introduction was social standing. When we first saw the stage, our attention instantly turned to the house in the middle of it. It was huge compared to the other objects on the stage and we could hear voices inside it and the conversation sounded very light hearted and easy going. The house was very bright and colourful and was in great contrast to the dull and dark colours which surrounded it. Around the house there was a street, which made up the majority of the set.  There were also various props around e.g. chair, mini table, cups and saucers, etc. The house was closed and we could not see the characters inside it, but we knew that they were going to be very different from the children that were walking lamely on and off stage. We also saw an old woman (Edna), who was on stage during the full production, moving about and making herself busy. It was raining on set, which made the street look more realistic.  

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The power theme was represented by two children: one was a teenage girl and the other a little boy. The girl approached the little boy and took his jacket. At this point another boy appeared who was yet again bigger than the small boy and took his hat. The audience could feel that the small boy helpless against all those big people; and the theme of power was visible. It was clear that you needed a lot of power to stand on your own two feet in that society. Those children represented the reality of life; the world the ...

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