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Love and Relationships - The poem we have been given to study is called 'First Ice'.

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Drama Coursework Draft - Love and Relationships The poem we have been given to study is called 'First Ice'. The author of this poem is unknown to us. Through this essay, my main focus will be on love and relationships, what emotions are discovered, what atmospheres this creates, and what effect this all has on the audience. The poem at first did not seem very clear to me. I did not get the full message until we discussed the poem as a full group. The poem is about a girl who is in a telephone booth and decides to call the boy she was going out on a date with. The girl has dressed herself up, does her hair, her make-up, the works, all this was just to go with on a date. After dressing herself up she finds out, from a telephone call, that he is not coming any more. We do not know why this was from the poem, so we can only assume. The girl is devastated by her fate and soon starts to cry. Her make-up starts to run down her face because of her tears of disappointment. ...read more.


This added comedy to the performance, but it was still effective because you felt sorry for the girl because she had to see that after she had just been stood up. After that, we had a non-caring person who threw the girl out of the telephone booth because he needed to use the telephone. The girl sat down at a bench and one of her friends spotted her and tried to comfort her, but she was upset and went off home. One piece of drama which I thought was effective, was when in slow motion two lovers were running towards one another, wrapping there arms around each other and walked off set. This was effective because it was in slow motion, so everything lasts for longer which brings out the maxim pain of what the girl in the telephone booth is going through. Because the performance was, in slow motion it made it seem that the couple was running to each other for hours and they hugging for days, when actually it only lasted for a matter of seconds. The music definitely played a huge part in the performance, without it, I do not think it would have gave the same effect. ...read more.


This work stood out to me because no one else had performed in this way. It was effective to have a flash back instead of just describing what happened. It stood out to me because you could relate to what was happening as it was set in a general situation of a sleep over and everyone talking about themselves and their problems. The poem and the improvisations we created said to me that human relationships can always go wrong, no matter how in love you think or know you are. The people that you love and care for the most, are probably more likely to hurt you more than anyone else that you know. Just because they hurt you, it does not mean that they are doing it just to spite you. As I mentioned before we enjoy watching other people's relationships suffer because we watch daily soaps on television such as Eastenders and Hollyoaks where u always see A wanting to go out with B, but B wants to go out with C but, C is gay with D. We laugh and cry at relationships falling apart. I think we enjoy other peoples suffer because it makes us feel better about ourselves and our own relationships. By Steph Jones 10Q ...read more.

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