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The Outsiders

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CE The novel I have read was called 'The Outsiders' by S E Hinton who is one of America's most successful authors for young people. Indeed she wrote the book when her friend, who was a Greaser, got jumped, indeed started it when she was fifteen years old. Themes concerned friendship, the meaning of true family love, gang rivalry and growing up. The plot was about the Greasers who are poor and usually wear leather jackets from the East side, and rich kids from the West side their natural enemies. The central character was Ponyboy who was only fourteen years old, and since his parents died in a car crash big brother Darry has struggled to bring him up properly. Pony's real family is his gang, a bunch of tough guys who watch out for each other. Darry too was important, 20 years old who is referred to as tough, cool and smart. Ponyboy has another brother called Sodapop who is 17 years old and was "Movie star kind of handsome" who dropped out from the college to work in a gasoline station called DX. ...read more.


"White trash with long hair" Ponyboy was getting angry so he replied "You know what a Soc is? White trash with Mustangs and Madras". Then the Socs grabbed Ponyboy and tried to drown him in the fountain, so Johnny stabbed Bob with a knife he had in his back pocket, and the rest of the Socs ran away. Another part was when Ponyboy and Johnny were in an 'abandoned church on top of Jay mountain (Dally had given them 50dollars and a loaded gun and told them to wait there till he came. They decided to cut their hair to keep a low profile. Then just after a week Dally came and told them that they could come home now. However just as they were on leaving Ponyboy saw the church on fire and there were some kids in it too so he and Johnny went in and rescued them. Unluckily Johnny suffered a broken back and was burned pretty severely. ...read more.


When Ponyboy went to his house he told Darry and Sodapop that Johnny is dead. Then the phone rang from Dally and he was saying he just robbed a grocery store and police are after him and he will be in the 'lot' in a minute. When they reached the vacant lot Dally came in, running fast as he could, from the opposite direction, and when the police came out from their car Dally chose to die by pointing an unloaded gun at the cops who shot him dead. "Two friends of mine died that night. one a friend, one a hoodlum" To conclude I think this story really shows us how important family/gangs love is. In my opinion I think we should learn it from this book about how Pony boy survived from that dangerous time from their family. There was a film made about this, Matt Dillon played Dallas and Tom cruise who was in mission impossible played Steve Randle, Ralph Macchio played Johnny, C Thomas Howell played Ponyboy, Emilio Esbevez played Two bit Mathew, Diane lane played Cherry and Patric Swayze played Darry ...read more.

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