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Alone - creative writing.

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Alone. Karen and her friends were sitting in the local park discussing their futures, as one of them was in mid sentence a rather nice lad walked past. "Mm not bad I'd say 9, if he cuts his hair a little." Nicki said whilst drooling over a lad passing. "9 are you crazy, more like 10 he's hot," proclaimed Karen. " You two are so sad," Steph bitched. "Oh shut up" screamed Lisa. " I'm going to talk to him," Karen said very full of her self. She got up and started walking towards the lad who looked as if he was Italian, he had dark brown hair and big brown eyes he had the facial structures of Brad Pitt but the voice of an Italian version of the rapper LL Cool J, he was wearing a stylish pair of jeans and jumper with a rather peculiar symbol attached to a necklace. Karen on the other hand was medium height, athletic build and very argumentative when it comes to her personal life, she is the kind of person you'd find on the 'Jerry Springer Show' The lad was sitting on the next bench from the girls. Karen approached the lad as though she had known him forever. ...read more.


"Hiya." she said. "Well, how was it." Nicki asked. "Weird, we were talking and this old women came running at us." " What, who was she?" "That's the thing I don't know, but she looked at me as if she knew me, Nicki I could see right through her I felt what she felt it was horrible." Karen replied rather emotionally. " Hold on I'll be there now." Nicki rushed over to Karen's. When she got there all they did was talk about what happened, they were both confused but more curious about who she was. After a long conversation they went down to meet the others and tell them. They where all lost in their minds and thoughts, who she was? Was she a reporter or just a tramp looking for friends? No one knew, she was a mystery. Later that day Karen met up with Andrew again, he didn't seem to care about what happened the night before, so they didn't talk about it that much. It was around 10am on Saturday, it was among the hottest days they have ever had in Holyhead, and every one was either at the beach or in the swimming pool. So Karen and Andrew decided they would join every one and got to the beach. ...read more.


Like she could read her thoughts. Karen couldn't wait another second she asked the woman to go with her, not even knowing if she understood what she was saying but she still went, the policeman took them to where Andrew was staying, Karen ran so fast up those stairs she didn't even take a breath, "Andrew, Andrew!" screamed Karen. "What?" he replied " I have something to show you, come bring your necklace." " Why my necklace.................." He didn't even have time to finish the question, Karen had dragged him down the stairs and towards the car, he looked inside and thought "why have they brought her here?" "Look at the necklace, Andrew look!" Andrew looked at the necklace but was still confused, when suddenly the woman repeated, " Werder sonefrad de." " NO!" His eyes started to fill up like a waterfall with tears as she got out of the car. He looked at her and she looked back, he started saying 'why' in Italian, maybe to say why did it take so long to find you or why did you leave, who knows, but he turned to Karen and looked at her with the look of happiness and said, "Thank you". ?? ?? ?? ?? 8 ...read more.

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