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An extract from a book inspired by the below picture.

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An extract from a book inspired by the below picture. I finally arrived home. I kicked off my shoes and called out that I was back. Silence. That was strange because the house was normally buzzing with excitement. Confused I walked into the sitting room only to find both my parents sitting, soundless, staring at the sideboard. Neither made any gesture to show they were aware of my presence. I knew something was wrong. After a long awkward silence dad spoke very quietly almost a whisper, 'Foot and mouth disease'. I was struck dumb all I could manage was a feeble, 'oh'. The next day was the weekend; it felt more like a century though. It dragged on and on in silence. The only sound was the occasional whistle of the wind. Apart from that everyone and everything was as silent as a mouse. The only time we were altogether was when we watched the news; it was depressing though, all we saw were dead pigs and other cattle being picked up by lethal looking machines and being laid on top of a huge mound of animals. ...read more.


He was just as distraught as us about the news. He looked from one of us to the other in disbelief, in unison we nodded our heads to show him we were speaking the truth and we knew it was harsh. School was cancelled until further notice for fear of spreading the disease. I spent the majority of the day helping dad out on the farm. We inspected all the animals for any signs of foot and mouth. Thankfully we found none but we knew we weren't safe, no one was. It became worse everyday; the farm next to us caught the disease. All the animals were burned. The fire glowed orange and had a smell similar to that of the blacksmiths. It made me sick just thinking about it. I knew my dad cried though he never did in front of me or mum he was trying to be strong for us for himself. It was my fault, I had put our animals to death, and it was something I would have to live with for the rest of my life, murder. ...read more.


I can't stand it any longer I have to tell them that it is my fault the animals caught the disease. I find them both and sit them sown with strong cups of coffee, my parents don't drink alcohol. I break down, once I start I can't stop I tell them how just before the farm next door had the disease I had been walking across there and probably brought back with me as it is not evident for three weeks after. They persistently told me it was no ones fault it could have come onto our farm by many different ways, by the wind, vehicles anything. I refused to believe them though, I couldn't. Good news! The foot and mouth is nearly all gone so we can soon get back to normal, or try and rebuild our lives again anyway. We are going to put in an order for three pigs and a herd of sheep. My school has been really kind to me; all my teachers and friends have written me letters. The foot and mouth has been hard on everyone. For a while it felt like it was splitting our family apart but now I feel it has bonded us closer together. ...read more.

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