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An Inspector Calls

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Sachin Sabharwal An Inspector Calls An Inspector Calls was written in 1945. It was set in the dining room of quite a large suburban house belonging to a wealthy manufacturer in Brumley. It is an industrialized city in the North Midlands. This play An Inspector Calls is set in the year 1912. The Birling family Mr and Mrs Arthur Birling, Sheila, Eric Birling and Gerald Croft are having dinner together due to a special occasion. Then the doorbell ring. It's Inspector Goole, who shocks the family about one of Arthur Birling's ex employees' death. Eva Smith. Back in 1912 people were split into different classes depending on how wealthy they were, their place in society. There were high class, middle class, and working class. Classes were treated with different respects. Most businesses and companies were shut down so it was hard for people to find work to make enough money to live and survive, especially for a woman. Even if a woman did get a job they would get half of what a man would get. Priestly is trying to show that all members of a society have responsibility to care for everyone in that society (e.g. ...read more.


He walks proud and tall, and is in control of the situation, in spite of the Birling family, and Gerald Croft's social standing. The Inspector makes Mr Birling very agitate until he tells him he is not the only one he has come to see.( 'Well of course, if I'd known that earlier, I wouldn't have called you intrusive and talked about the reporting to you') He made Sheila feel very guilty about her actions, in getting Eva Smith sacked from her job. Inspector Goole name hints that the Inspector as not of this world and at times he seems supernatural or spiritual. The tone at the start of the play is tranquil. Everyone is settle and is having a nice dinner. The Inspector's appearance is meant to show ambiguity. The audience see that the Inspector is serious and there to his job. When he arrives Mr Birling says 'Edna..... Give us some more light'. The change in lighting signals that the mood has changed in the Birling house since the Inspector arrived. It has added tension and menace. As the doorbell rings, Birling is giving a speech to Eric and Gerald how everyone should look after number-one, and community ...read more.


He is the voice of social conscience. He is also the voice of the author. Through Inspector Goole, Priestly is trying to show the vast difference between social classes in 1912. Birling is a very wealthy business man, who does not care about people beneath him. I f the guilt from Eva Smith's death affected him than it may reflect his attitude towards his workers. However if it did not than he will still carry on treating his worker the same way he usually does, which will put many more of his workers into the same position that Eva Smith was in. As shown in this play wealth and social standing do not make better people, but very self centred arrogant, selfish people. It is better to be part of a community and help others as the Inspector stated. The Inspector plays judge and jury for the Birling's and Gerald in confessing their voice of social consciences. The Inspector feels everyone should treat others the way they want to be treated. The centre meaning of this play is that the actions of individuals effect society as a whole. I feel that Priestly got his point across in the play very well using Inspector Goole to get the firm point across to the audience. ...read more.

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