An Inspector calls.

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English coursework “An Inspector calls”                Leah Usher

                     An Inspector calls

Priestly has set this play called “An inspector calls” in 1912 maybe because there was not only the opportunity for predictions, but also for a more drastic look at the relationship between the rich and the poor. The class gap of 1912 was much larger then that of 1945 and so was more noticeable to the audiences, even though he wrote it in 1945, he has used his own experience to write a famous novel which has be forwarded as a West end musical and Movie form, The play is set after the second world war, around the time when titanic sinks, we also learn that rich and poor were divided into different classes back in those time as Priestly shows,  They were different worlds, which hardly ever met. 8 million poor people had to live on 25 shillings a week, which is roughly £1.25 not a lot. They were under housed under fed and under the thumb. Working women were at the top of the pile. They had little education, no sanitation, no dull and no NHS. The women of the higher working class relied on marrying the right man. Poor people had to live their lives struggling until they were sent to workhouses, until they died because they had no pensions. I think that the messages of the play was particularly effective to the audiences of 1946. I think Priestley knew that the message of his play would reach the war-weary audiences f the era more effectively then it would reach the audiences of a different time.

        During the Second World War this was all different; children were evacuated so the different classes got mixed together as well as the army. This was giving Britain a version of how a truly socialist Britain might be. It made people realise how selfish they have been to each other and helped them to start caring about one another. Priestleys hope was that life after the war would be better than before so he wrote an inspector calls to say to his 1945 audience “do you want to go back to the sufferings of 1912 or do you want to develop the sort of world you experienced during the Second World War, where everyone works together?

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I am now going to describe Arthur Birling, Shelia Birling and the Inspector, Arthur bilring is the kind of character which the whole play warns against, “A hard headed business man” he believes that society is as it should be. The rich stay poor and the rich stay rich and there’s a large gap between the two.  He was a level minded upper class bussines man, who throught was above the rest of lower class,

Shelia Birling character is fairly caring at the beginning of the play, but events unravel and shila realises her guilt, her character develops from ...

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