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An Inspector Calls

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An Inspector Calls 'An Inspector Calls' is a play that revolves around a prosperous family whose evening is intentionally interrupted by an inspector of whom his enquiries relate into the death of a young girl. I will be required to write about the characteristics of the inspector making clear observations of his cross-examination techniques, the way in which he approaches the Birling family and his general function in the play as a whole. This play was written in 1944 -45 which was near to the end of World War II although the author of the play 'J.B Priestley' decided that the actual setting would be Spring 1912. All three acts are continuous and all set in the dining room, where they are celebrating a family engagement. Events unfold in their 'substantial' middle - class family home with the arrival of inspector Goole and each family member having their own secrets and skeletons brought out of the cupboard. Mr Goole enters and Mr Birling's speech is interrupted, the significance of this is Mr Birling was just advising the other family members on how you should 'look after yourself' and how a man has to 'mind his own business' Upon the inspectors entry his appearance automatically shows that his visit has a purpose as at once he 'creates an impression' as being 'purposefulness'. The image that is created is suggestive that he could be between mid - forties and fifties. ...read more.


to take charge and in a way it seems that he is not interested in some of the things that the Birlings have to say ' Let's leave offence out of it shall we?' although this is an example of being unprofessional as a real life inspector would be quite happy for the other person speak in case any relevant information is about to be given to you. Mr Goole has a large amount of authority over this family, we see their close relationship fall apart and the more he interviews them the more they begin to trust him answering every one of his questions. He had the power to tear this family apart and at certain points some family members had to leave the room 'excuse me' but he still continues to ask the questions as it's 'my duty to ask questions' These dramatic exits will help the audience to realise the power he has over this family. He is even able to make grown women and men believe that he is a real inspector. Mr Goole has the ability to enter ones home, take charge and then create an 'uneasy' atmosphere not forgetting him causing complete uproar to this household. The inspectors role in the play was to solve the problem and be able to get to the bottom of this story but whilst carrying out this role he does present a message. ...read more.


This would have an effect in the audience and the way in which they think. At the end of the play they realised that it was all going to be a misunderstanding and everything would be okay - they had learnt their lesson. However they were proven wrong by the dramatic device at the end which was the telephone. I think this was an unusual ending for a play and I questioned myself wondering if the writer will do a follow up play. I think that Mr Goole could be a ghost of the future and in a way either trying to warn them or prepare them for what happens, my reasons behind this are why would he make a point of spelling his name ' G-O-O-L-E' and also because everything that he questions the Birling family on does actually come true. He is also a very pale character but not forgetting mysterious and wearing black. The ultimate effect that there is on both characters and the audience is that all the characters are relieved to hear that there is no real Mr Goole but again they are devastated when this enquiry comes to life. After all they have been put through questioning once and now they will have to repeat all of that for a second time. The play ends with all the characters feeling 'guilty' and 'dumbfounded' and as 'the curtain falls' you could imagine the sighs of the audience as this play has been left as a cliff - hanger although there could be another part to this play - a follow on play maybe. ...read more.

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