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An Inspector Calls

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An Inspector Calls - THE PLAY Introduction The play, " An Inspector Calls ", was written in 1945 by J.B. Priestly. It was first performed at the New Theatre on 1st October 1946. John Boynton Priestly set the play in 1912, 34 years before he wrote it. This play starts off with the family sitting down, eating a meal. During this, Inspector Goole enters and questions each one in turn about Eva Smith's death. Arthur Birling is the father. His wife is called Sybil and they have two children, Eric and Sheila. Also at the table is Gerald Croft, who is soon to be married to Sheila Birling. The Play At the end of act two, just before the extract begins, Mrs Birling is telling the Inspector how to do his duty and what should happen to the young man who got Eva Smith pregnant. Her attitude towards the Inspector and Eva Smith's pregnancy is very determined and aggressive. ...read more.


This is revealed when Eric confesses that he took money. He uses more euphemisms to soften his story. " I got it - from the office ". He says this to make it sound less like he stole the money. In Act Three the family is starting to fall apart. They are fighting and arguing about what has been done and said. At the beginning of the play they are celebrating and eating happily, but the Inspector's entrance had changed all that. Eric is claiming that his mother and father are poor parents. Mr Birling asks why Eric didn't come to him when he was in this mess to start with, but Eric replies that his father is not the person you can go to in need. This tells us that Eric's relationship with his father is an untrustworthy one. Because Eric cannot trust his father, he probably doesn't love him. You also know the father is uncaring, as he pays his workers very little, and is the reason that made Eva Smith ask for a raise in the first place. ...read more.


" We don't live alone. We are members of one body ". This tells us that we should work together. Conclusion I liked this play as it ends with a cliffhanger, leaving the watcher/reader thinking about what happened to the Inspector and what he said. I also liked it because it is symbolic and has many morals and meanings to it. At the end of the play when Sheila and Eric have learnt their lesson, they are disgusted with how their parents are behaving as if nothing has happened. This is showing the audience how the younger generation is more responsible than the older generation in learning from their mistakes and facing the fact that they were wrong. As the audience leaves the theatre they will be thinking about the Inspectors last words. Even though it was written in 1945 and set in 1912, it still has morals and meanings that are important to the world around us today in the 21st century. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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