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An inspector calls

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In act one of 'An inspector calls' how does J.B. Priestley use dramatic devices to convey his concerns and ideas to the members of the audience, as well as interest and involve them in his play? In his play 'An inspector calls' J.B Priestly uses the inspector as a mouth piece to voice his concerns. The inspector tries to teach the Birlings that, what they thought was a harmless act ended in the death of a young lady called Eva Smith. He tries to show them how their selfishness leads to her death. J.B. Priestly uses the Birlings to illustrate that, in his opinion; Everyone should be treated the same. We are all responsible for each other. Capitalism is a bad thing. Every action has a consequence. We should all face the consequences of our actions. Priestley set 'An Inspector Calls' in 1912 so he could show to the audience how ignorant some people were about things that were about to happen during that time. The audience when this play was first performed would have been able to relate what Mr Birling is saying will not happen to what actually happened, because they probably lived through the events. This involves the audience in his play and makes it more interesting. ...read more.


The audience know that in fact there is the great depression after the war and there is very little money in businesses and the economy as a whole. The play begins with 'pink and intimate' lighting. The connotation of this is warmth, friendliness and cosiness. However really the dim lighting makes it difficult to see the truth and enables things to be hidden or missed. I think priestly uses this devise to show to the audience that the characters are acting very nice and warm but are in fact hiding secrets and don't really know each other. Some of which we discover later on in the scene. When the Inspector is introduced the lighting becomes 'Brighter and harder'. I think this is because Priestly wants to show the audience the reality about people like Mr Birling, and to give the audience the impression that there is know where for him to hide. I think Priestly changes the lights when the inspector comes in to give him the appearance of uncovering the truth and showing them how they really are. I think that Priestly uses the inspector as a metaphor for him self and what he is doing with the play. He is conveying to the audience the truth about what can happen when you do not consider what consequences your actions could have. ...read more.


He shows this to the audience using the effect of 'Pink and intimate lighting'. However once the inspector arrives I think Priestly intends the audience to change its opinion on the Birlings. The lighting becomes harsher and the truth is revealed. Priestly makes the audience miss trust and dislike them. Priestley uses several devises to interest and involve the audience. The use of the Doorbell is a major devise as it cuts through the speech of Mr Birling. Priestly uses this device as a way of saying he disagrees with what Mr Birling is saying (normally when somebody interrupts you it is because they disagree with your point of view) he is using this device to show he is concerned about Mr Birlings opinion that "a man has to look after his own business and look after himself". It also keeps the audience interested. The use of dramatic irony is another devise used by priestly to involve the audience with the play. It helps the audience relate the play to there own lives and real things that happened. I believe that the message that Priestly is trying to convey to the audience is that. If we do not realise that every action has a consequence then terrible things happen without us realising. I also feel that he is trying to say that we should take responsibility for our actions and that we are all responsible for each other. ...read more.

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