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An inspector calls

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In An Inspector Calls, how does Priestly manage to convey a powerful social message and provide his audience with first class entertainment? In this essay I will be exploring the above question and will also write about general points related to An Inspector Calls. It is a play revolving around a late night visit from a police Inspector in a large house in the industrial north in 1912. The Inspector interrupts a posh dinner party and is investigating an apparent suicide. An Inspector Calls was written in 1945 in a time when World War Two was finally finishing. Its first major performance was in London in 1946. The whole play takes place in the large dining room of a wealthy manufacturer. The stage directions show that the dining room should look grand and expensive but not warm and cosy. This may be Priestly trying to send a message across that although being rich means big mansions and lots of goods it may not bring happiness and a friendly way of life. ...read more.


He comes across as a very cold, strange and un-human person. The name 'Goole' suggests that he is not meant to be a real person as Goole sounds like Ghoul which is a sort of ghost or spirit. However although the Inspector hardly has a human personality he manages to bring out the human consciences of some of the characters and also manages to expose the selfish, cruel personalities of others. He interrogates each character about their involvement of the suicide of Eva Smith. He reveals characters such as Mr and Mrs Birling as cruel and heartless people but shows that characters like Sheila and Eric recognise their part in Eva Smith's suicide and are sorry for it. One of the many interesting things about the play is how the characters change throughout and also how some of them don't change. At the start of the play Sheila comes across as a rich, materialistic snob. When she puts on the engagement ring which Gerald gives her she says "Now I really feel engaged" which shows that she only feels engaged with an expensive ring and not when she's in love. ...read more.


this means that the audience will always be looking forward to the next person being interrogated because they will always want to know how the other people were involved in it and if they were connected with the death. By the end of the play it leaves you asking more questions than when you started watching it. It is quite possible that Eva Smith is more than one person; as the Inspector only shows the picture of the girl to each person one at a time it could easily be a different person each time. The Inspector says that the girl changed her name quite a few times however this could quite easily just be covering up the fact that it's a different person each time. Priestly manages to get his socialist message across to the audience via the Inspector. He also portrays a rich and snobbish family and exposes the selfish and mean parts of them. The play is very engaging and it has a surprising ending. It will continue to entertain audiences and readers for years to come. By Andrew Knowles 10R ...read more.

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