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An Inspector Calls

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Analyse the Role of the Inspector In "In An Inspector Calls" An Inspector Calls was written in 1945 by John Boynton Priestley who uses a variety of interesting, unexpected twists in order to captivate the reader. Priestley was born in Bradford, Yorkshire on the 13th September 1894. He served in the army in both World Wars. An inspector calls was first shown to an audience in 1845 but shown in England in 1846. In the play during that time woman's rights were introduced and people started coming to Britain from other countries for work. The war and woman's rights were some of the themes in the play along with responsibility. An inspector calls is about a mysterious inspector who questions the Birling family and their guest Gerald Croft, about the death of a girl, Eva smith. The inspector than unravels her story and the involvement of each family member is confessed. ...read more.


Also inspector Goole is like a conscience and makes them realise that their actions affect other people. We never find out whether Inspector Goole was real or not, Priestley left it to the audience to decide which made the play more interesting and stays in the audiences mind. In the play the Inspector enters the scene after Mr.Birling says "a man has to mind his own business and look after himself and his own". Priestley chose to introduce the inspector at that time because the play teaches about responsibility and how your actions affect other people. A normal inspector is very different to the inspector in the play. The inspector is a very mysterious character. The mysterious side to him contributes a lot to making him a very interesting character. The audience does not find out much about the Inspector. We are given hints from the way he acts & says. ...read more.


Even though Mr.Birling is socially inferior then the inspector he treats people the same no matter what their position is. Birling says that it is his 'duty to keep labour costs down' which indicates that he does not think of each worker as a person and cares only about money. I think Priestley's message was that everyone's actions affect other people, and that we need to think about other people. Mr and Mrs.Birling don't believe the inspector is real but they fail to realise whether or not he existed it doesn't change anything. The important thing is that the family has been told what could happen when they "mind their own business and look after themselves and their own" When Sheila says 'he inspected us all right' shows maturity and tells us that she and Eric were the only ones that learnt to take responsibility for their actions. Even if the Inspector was not real, it does not make any difference to the guilt that the characters felt before they found out he didn't exist. ?? ?? ?? ?? Kelsey Gutierrez English Literature ...read more.

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