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An Inspector Calls

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An Inspector Calls An Inspector Calls is about how a family is involved in a murder of a girl called Eva Smith. The Inspector arrives and interrogates the whole family one by one to see who it is that is mainly to blame. The inspector comes to teach the Birlings that they should have more care and think about other people rather than thinking about themselves all of the time. Also to show that they are responsible for their action. The theme of responsibility is about how their action towards Eva Smith has affected her and themselves .Due to their actions the result was that Eva Smith killed herself. The person that was implicated was Mr Birling due to him starting the chain of events. This is because had Mr Birling given Eva Smith a raise instead of firing her she wouldn't have ended up killing herself. ...read more.


Women who were of higher class were not allowed to have sex before marriage and the only ones who did were prostitutes who were known as lower class. These lower class women were used to practise sex for men. The uses of dramatic irony is that firstly when the doorbell rang .Writer uses the adjective sharp as he says 'sharp door bell'. This is dramatic irony as a doorbell cannot make a sharp noise. Another use of dramatic irony is when Mr Birling comments about the titanic and saying that it is not going to sink but everyone knows that it actually does. The writer uses the stage craft to give out subliminal messages. An example of this is the lighting at the start of the play shows that something bad was going to happen and then when the inspector comes the lighting dimmers this shows that the Inspector is bad news. ...read more.


The dramatic effect about the inspector not showing the picture to the 2 boy could mean that the boys maybe on about the wrong girl, and also if the girl was not real form the beginning it still matters because it makes them think about their actions that they have taken. Also this still causes tension. Tension is created and maintained as firstly the inspector doesn't show the picture to the boys and then doesn't show it throughout the whole play and only to Mr Birling. The play write changes the audience opinion about the Birlings. Shelia and Eric learn from their mistakes and shows that they are the bigger person. However Gerald, Mr Birling and Mrs Birling show that they do not learn from the lesson. The method which Priestly uses to find out who's to blame made everyone think about their actions, but Gerald, Mr Birling and Mrs Birling have not learnt and thought that since the inspector was not real it okay to go back to their old ways. ...read more.

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