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An Inspector Calls Playscript

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Playscript-'An Inspector Calls' Flashback: Mrs.Birling and Eva Smith are my two characters involved in this play script. Eva smith seeks help from the 'Brumley Women's Charity Organisation', who Mr.Birling is a member of. Playscript Set in the comfortable surroundings of Mrs.Birling's house, in the living room, Mrs.Birling is having a meeting with other members of the brumley women's charity organisation. Eva Smith, looking very exhausted and upset, knocks on door but soon sees a meeting in progress. The lighting is bright in the centre and shining on Mrs.Birling and all of the members although it is dark in the other rooms. It is a dark and windy night with showers occurring frequently. Mrs.B: The purpose of today's meeting is to discuss any future improvements we could make to this organisation. Ladies, discuss ideas with your fellow members. All of the ladies gather together at a solid and high quality wooden table at the centre of the stage. Meanwhile, Mrs.Birling is rocking on a chair directly north of the wooden table. The lighting becomes brighter and focuses on the women sitting at the table. Mrs B (sounding rather relaxed and proud that she is hosting this meeting) Now ladies, any of you have any suggestions for improving our facilities. ...read more.


This is why I have also chosen Mrs.Birling's house to be the setting for my scene as it is a grim setting where miserable events take place both to the Birling family and in my scene, Eva Smith. I have represented Mrs.Birling in the same way as Priestley has presented her in the play. Through the stage directions of Mrs.Birling, you can see that she has the same character and personality as she does in the play. An example of this in my own play is in the stage direction, 'looking furious' and 'sounding rather relaxed and proud that she is hosting this meeting'. From the first stage direction you can see that Mrs.Birling is once again sounding angry and impatient, as she appears to be in the play. My second stage direction shows Mrs.Birling to be relaxed and proud which is a common characteristic you will find in Mrs.Birling in the play. In the actual play, Priestley uses "... are pleased with themselves" in the very first stage direction at the beginning of the play to suggest that everyone, including Mrs.Birling is happy with themselves. This is describing all of the characters and so it also includes Mrs.Birling aswell, whose character is similar to what has been said in this stage direction. ...read more.


make it snappy, I need a rest'. This may be unrealistic and too informal for people to say in 1912. The word 'snappy' was probably not used during 1912 and is used more commonly today. This is where I have made a mistake in the context of the scene I have written. Another place in my playscript where I believe I have made a mistake in not giving much detail is the staging. I have not given much information and so if I were to give this to the reader, he/she may find it hard to imagine how the set would look like and therefore may have to make his/her own set. In conclusion, I think that my scene is effective and fits in well with Priestley's writing style. You cannot tell much difference between my scene and the Priestley's play. I have used the right language for fitting in well with the period of time in which the play was set and have not modernised it, although I have done it one time of which I have notified the reader/ producer. I have used similar props aswell to do this. If I were to redraft it again, I would improve on my staging and details for my stage. Also I would make sure that I will only be using appropriate words for my playscript so I will not make the play have an inaccurate context. ?? ?? ?? ?? Ahsin Safdar 10JN Mrs.Geere ...read more.

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