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Both "The Seduction" and "To His Coy Mistress" are poems that deal with love, but they are not love poems. Do you agree with the question?

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Both "The Seduction" and "To His Coy Mistress" are poems that deal with love, but they are not love poems. Do you agree with the question? Just by looking at the title of the seduction, you can tell what the poem's going to be about. In the poem the seduction we hear of a teenage girl (not a woman) who is seduced by a boy who takes drugs, drinks alcohol and skips school. The poem starts with him taking her to the docks where he usually goes when he has meant to be in school. The both of them start drinking Vodka and they get very tipsy. When they went back there the second time, they did exactly the same thing but this time she dressed up for him. First, they kissed, but then it obviously went further because when you turn the page the next stanza is talking about here being 3 months pregnant. Once she realised, she stayed home in her room crying to herself and getting frustrated with her magazines for not helping her. As her stomach grew bigger and bigger she began to dream about life without a child or a big stomach. There was no way that she could hide the fact that she was pregnant. ...read more.


This is because ' the seduction' is a story and is told as most story's by a narrator structured in paragraphs to show different happenings, but 'to his coy mistress' is a letter, or a man speaking so it has two long paragraphs, and strict rhyming, this creates a flow of the poem, it makes you read it rhythmically urging you to go on and read more, which is what the mans trying to do to the woman he's sending it to. There are settings that are implied in 'to his coy mistress', and they are fantasy ones, and are imaginative. One of them is "Thou by the Indian Ganges side," this is saying that the man will take the woman to any place that she wants to, and the 'Ganges' is thought of a romantic place, so he's saying to her that he will take her to the most romantic places. Another is " Love you ten years before the flood" this is implying to 'Noah's flood' one of the earliest events in history, he is saying that he will love her for longer than eternity, and that he has all the time in the world to do so. Also " Times winged chariot hurrying near", this is continuing from the past quote, because he is saying that if he had all the time in the world he would ...read more.


But then he says that the worms will take away the virginity that she's kept. This is implying that she may as well have sex with the man because when you die the worms will have sex with her anyway. This is a striking description because he is telling her horrible things, but it suits the poem because it is emphasising his perverted ways. The aims of these poems, in my opinion is to show people that people can talk a lot of rubbish just to get one thing, in this case sex. And that growing up quickly isn't always the best way as the girl in "the seduction" found out. The aims are reflected in the styles of the poems because in "to his coy mistress" there are many long words and a lot of talk about romance but the bottom line is he's saying it all to get her to sleep with him. And in "the seduction" she grew up to fast with drinking vodka and having sex that she forgot that she was a teenager and had a teenage life that she misses later on in the poem. I preferred "the Seduction" mainly because it's more modern and I can relate to it, more than I can relate to "to his coy mistress" because it's older and is something very fictional. So in my opinion the seduction was better than to his coy Mistress" Gareth Norman Course Work Page.1 ...read more.

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