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Car Crash

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Thomas Billet Monday the 5th of October 3�2 Car Crash Gwendolyn was on a dock. Wind blew through her long blond hair. She looked around; she was alone, it was dark, and only the moon lighted the small pier. There was something she couldn't quite explain about this place. She could feel a supernatural power flowing in each and every one of the old board and didn't dare move, afraid she would uncover a dreadful secret. She didn't know what she was doing here. She tried to remember what had happened the day before but she couldn't. All she knew was that she had gone to a party and...; it was as if a barrier was keeping her from accessing this particular part her memory. ...read more.


A footbridge was lowered. She walked onto the boat, against her will still pushed by this bizarre force. The deck squeaked as she walked on the old and maybe rotten planks. She could not see who was driving the boat. She could only distinguish a dark shadow in the cabin. A tear rolled down her cheek as she looked back in direction of the coast, slowly disappearing in the emptiness of the night. Fog started to appear and quickly, she couldn't see more than a yard in front of her. She sat down against the side of the boat for there were no chairs, put her head on her knees and tried again to remember what she had done the night before. ...read more.


This intrigued her but before she could really think about a rational answer, the mysterious boat stopped again, this time, a mother with her two children walked on. The girl was holding a baby doll and the boy a toy car. They sat down, the mother kissed the girl on the cheek and ruffled the boy's hair... they all had blood stains on their pyjamas. Suddenly, she felt the barrier in her mind break and instantly, she remembered the car crash, the ambulance, the hospital, the blood, the black hole she was falling deeper and deeper in... but why was she on this boat? As if somebody had read her mind, a deathlike voice spoke out of one the loudspeakers. It was no human voice and it sent shivers down Gwendolyn's spine: << Terminus; next stop: the Underworld. All passengers get off the boat. >> ...read more.

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