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Chaucer biography and compaing the monk and the prioress.

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Chaucer coursework In Chaucer's time many people lived in poverty and sickness a major cause of death was the bubonic plague (also known as the black death). In Chaucer's time there was around 3 million people living in England and trade was very difficult because some major towns were quarantined because of the plague and roads were extremely bad only pack horses could make the journeys although a few goods were still often traded they were wool, silk, leather and wine. From 1327-1377 Edward III ruled, from 1377-1399 Richard II ruled and from 1399-1413 Henry IV ruled. England were often at war with France because France had taken over England in 1066 and there was often fights over land and power. The power of the church can still be seen today by the grand churches with many expensive statues. ...read more.


of gaunt went to Spain he was replaced by the duke of Gloucester leaving Chaucer in financial difficulty it is thought he started the Canterbury tales at this time, when john of gaunt came back Chaucer was restored to favour, Chaucer later died in 1400 and was buried in what's now called poets corner. The Canterbury tale is a story about pilgrims travelling from Southwark to Canterbury there was thirty people and they were all meant to tell 4 stories 2 on the way there 2 on the way back to make the time go faster, one person would judge the stories and the best one would get a free meal at his inn, although most people only told 1 story and 4 stories were left unfinished, all the pilgrims were from different backgrounds some were part of the church some were millers, cooks etc. ...read more.


The 2nd comparison between the monk and the prioress is that they both kept animals which like personal possessions they weren't meant to have they both kept dogs although for different purposes the prioress loved animals and kept dogs as pets but the monk was completely different and had hunting dogs and a horse, the prioress hated to see animals hurt while the monk hunted them which shows they have very different personalities. The 3rd comparison between the monk and the prioress is that they were both relatively overweight neither of them should be though as they should be feeding the poor not stuffing themselves it says they are both overweight in the book prioress: "For hardily, she was nat undergrowe." And for the monk: "He was a lord ful fat and in good poynt" ...read more.

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