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Citizen Kane - Rosebud Essay

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Citizen Kane - Rosebud Essay Rosebud is sled, Kane's sled when he was a boy. Rosebud is the foundation of the film of citizen Kane. Rosebud is also Kane's last words. He was a very important man, known globally. Rosebud is the word everyone wants to understand the meaning of, so there is a hunt to find the meaning of the word. This sets the story for the film. Rosebud is a symbol of Kane, in that Rosebud represents his loss of the ability to love and how to love. The film Citizen Kane has a lot of direction meaning that every shot means something in its own way, there is a hidden message in every movement of the camera. There was a close up on the "NO TRESPASSING" sign emphasising the fact that the person (Kane) was isolating him and didn't want anyone to disturb him. The camera slowly pans up the fence, showing how tall the fence is which is very high. This shows me that whoever lived there didn't want anybody in, and wasn't taking any chances. The panning slowly goes up into an angle where you can see the big castle and the big K symbol in the head of the gate. As the panning goes up it goes closer and closer to a lighted window, this draws your attention and makes you wonder who is behind the walls and the castle is of great power and wealth and probably very isolated.


Thompson is more a surrogate member of the audience. Thatcher is Kane's guardian, assigned by the bank. Thatcher's relationship with Kane is purely business, not a real friendship. Kane's relationship with Thatcher is one where Kane sees Thatcher as the man who took him away form his family. So Kane hates him and does everything in his power to wind him up. An example is that everything Thatcher believes in, Kane believes in the opposite. What's going inside, the rest of his future being planned out. The camera slowly draws back from Kane through the window to a perspective of the mother's view; she's inside, signing papers that determine her son's future. The sled that Kane has slowly gets covered with snow until you can barely see it. This symbolises Kane's old life being in the past and slowly forgotten. Kane gets a new sled representing his new life with Mr Thatcher, Kane sarcastically says "Thank you" Kane really wishes he had his old life back. Kane liked his old sled better than his new one, meaning that he liked his old life better than his new life. Bernstein's relationship with Kane is completely different from Thatcher's in that Bernstein admired Kane's drive for life and his commitment to work and working class people, Bernstein had a friendship with Kane. Bernstein was Kane's assistant.


Kane smashes up the bedroom because he realises that everything he has bought Susan Alexander doesn't mean anything. The things he bought her didn't make her stay with him and they didn't make her love him. Kane stops at the paper weight because the house in the paper weight that is snowing reminds him of his childhood sled and what he lost in the process. The mirrors represent the fact that he is alone and everything he did, he did it for himself, he was very self absorbed. His identity becomes disintegrated. Even though he was acting like he was there for the people Kane just wanted there love. Thompson's conclusion of Rosebud is that "No word can sum up a man's life" He thinks Rosebud is something he couldn't get or something he lost. Thompson also thinks that Rosebud is like "A piece in a jigsaw puzzle, a missing piece" I think this means that Kane could never be whole like a jigsaw puzzle because he is missing love, the last piece of the puzzle. Rosebud is revealed when men chuck away Kane's old things in the fire. There is a close up shot of the sled with a thorny rose, and the word Rosebud slowly burns away with the thorny rose, and eventually disappears in the fire. Rosebud is something Kane held close to his heart. Rosebud was his sled which he used to represent what he lost. He lost his childhood and the ability to love and be loved. Name: Sebastian Blake Teacher: Mr Ubly Class: 11HU5 GCSE English Coursework

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