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Commentary on my response to ‘A cream Cracker under the settee’-By Alan Bennet

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20th Century Coursework A cream Cracker under the settee-By Alan Bennet A monologue by Doris when she is in Stafford House: - Well, I am in Stafford House now. Pause The impressions that I had of residential homes are far from real. I can see how I exaggerated a lot about things, that I thought went on in homes. "Mix up your teeth" Well I keep my false teeth in my mouth all the time, and at night I take them out and place them in a glass of sterilised water. I think that if I let the nurse take them, they would go walking! The nurses can be a bit strange not like my Zulema, oh I do miss her. Everyone in the home is very clean and don't "Smell of pee" which I thought. If anyone of us has an accident the nurses will clean us up, I hope I don't have an accident anyway I can clean myself. What can I say I was prejudice against people in homes. Maybe this was because I was afraid of spending a penny in front of other people, no need to worry I have my own little bathroom in my room. Pause Well age affects us all, hey! Pause Stafford House from the outside is very pleasant and follows inside too. ...read more.


One thing I miss is not having Zulema here because of her funny ways! I hope she will come and visit me soon. Commentary on my response to 'A cream Cracker under the settee'- By Alan Bennet Doris's situation is that she is a very independent woman. She finds it difficult to look after her home because of her age, which Zulema mentions " You're seventy five, who has a pace maker.... And doesn't have the sense born with" So we know that Doris is in ill health and maybe losing her memory or forgetting things time and time again. Zulema says to Doris " You don't have to clean the bath, let the dirt wait " Doris gets frustrated because Zulema does very little cleaning for Doris as we discover with the cream cracker. The dirt frustrates Doris because she has become obsessed and a routine with cleaning because when she was preparing for her baby, making a safe environment for the baby and hygienic. Unfortunately Doris miscarried her son John. The other thing Doris finds frustrating when she is trying to clean she has 'Dizzy spells' when cleaning up high. Maybe we can relate this to the accident that Doris had at the beginning of the play, that her head span when reaching up high to clean the dust on top of the picture frame. ...read more.


The way Doris acts and the way she talks about the past has helped me understand about how old people act and why they curtain twitch. This is because they are unsociable and like to know what is happening with every one else. The way Doris does things is like my grandma, always buying papers and talking about last week's news and why my gran looks behind curtains like Doris. If I look closer into the play the more I see my grandma, perhaps from reading this monologue it can help us understand why old people are always talking about the past and things that might of happened like Doris talking about how Wilfred wanted a dog. Also why old people become have obsession. From reading the play I can say I enjoyed it, finding out how the older generation act and always moan. From the original play I liked the way Doris described old people in homes the way they 'Smell of pee' this is because obsession with hygiene. Doris also say that old people 'Go draft there' which I think I quite a good quotation and which my aunt says to. I think the way the original monologue was written has helped me a lot with written mine because it is easier to read and follow apposed to a biography. By Patrick Vaughan. ?? ?? ?? ?? Coursework Patrick Vaughan ...read more.

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