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Compare and contrast - "Lamb To The Slaughter" and "The Speckled Band".

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COMPARE AND CONTRAST ANY TWO MURDER MYSTERY STORIES We were required to compare two murder mystery stories: "Lamb To The Slaughter" and "The Speckled Band". A murder mystery is a story or film in which a murder is committed and the whole mystery is about who committed the murder. A murder mystery must have a person who committed a murder, and when we don't know who the murderer(killer) is we get a murder mystery story. In a murder mystery, the person, who is the killer lives happily with someone. They have a good time together, they go out often and live a normal life, but then one person kills the other person because of some reason and when the detectives don't know who the suspect is and what was the motive behind the killing, then the tension rises and the suspense begins. ...read more.


Maloney) was the leg of a lamb, the other detectives ate. In the second story the title is more mysterious than the first one. In this story the victim is Julia, Helen's sister, and as she died on her bed only after words came out of her mouth which happened to be the last two words, they were "the band, the speckled band" and after that she died. The title is ambiguous because the word has two meanings and it could have referred to so many things like Dr. Roylott's friends who were the band of gypsies. The mystery in the story was that it was a speckled, spotted snake which is very dangerous. In the first story Mrs. Maloney before killing her husband is very possessive, very loving, caring and the main thing is that she was pregnant, she was peaceful, cool, calculating, had an active presence of mind and of course she was a good actress. ...read more.


Roylott was friendly with a band of gypsies, who could have belled the girl. The Doctor also had two exotic pets, so he seemed to be a very unusual human being, different to other normal people who would prefer dogs and cars to cheetahs and baboons. Besides Roylott being a doctor could also be a clue to his character. He could be a well-versed in poisons and strange ways to get rid of people. Mrs. Mahoney and Dr. Roylott make a striking contrast. She appears a mild-mannered loyal housewife happy to be married and expecting her husband's baby. However, she masks a cruel, hard hearted, murderous streak. Dr. Roylott is rough, wild and bad-tempered, unlike Mrs. Mahoney, he does not cover his cruelty but gives expressions to it boldly and unashamedly. Maaz Awais Turk, ENGLISH COURSE WORK, MR. SASSOON. ...read more.

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