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Compare "Lamb to the Slaughter" and "The Speckled Band" commenting on any differences you have noticed in setting, content and characterisation.

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Compare "Lamb to the Slaughter" and "The Speckled Band" commenting on any differences you have noticed in setting, content and characterisation. Lamb to the Slaughter is a 20th century story from America that uses modern day English such as "For God's sake", "Don't make supper for me I'm going out". However, The Speckled Band is a 19th century story that was set in Victorian London. In this story they use language that is not as modern but is formal, "Very sorry to knock you up, Watson," "but it's the common lot this morning. Mrs Hudson has been knocked up, she resorted upon me, and I on you." The language difference has a big influence on what kind of story the reader is actually reading into. I would expect that intellectual people would read Sherlock Holmes because that is the type of audience this story attracts. In Lamb to the Slaughter it's just a modern day play that targets any audience really and maybe the more intellectual type person wouldn't like a play like this, but it does have a twist at the end that would have kept them guessing all the way through. ...read more.


The settings in the two stories are totally different, The Speckled Band was set in Victorian London, so you can tell it's old and Lamb to the Slaughter was set in America. In a house that was modern clean and the Maloney's were in a loving relationship. The narrator in Speckled Band was Watson (Holmes' companion and friend.) However Lamb to the Slaughter uses Roahl Dahl as a story telling narrator, this makes the reader feel more involved in the story because it is actually being told to you. The narrator in Speckled Band talks about Holmes as a friend and not the story; this is a big difference in how the reader understands the story. The characters in the two plays are different because of the background and setting for the two plays. Sherlock Holmes is the main character in The Speckled Band and Mary Maloney is the main character in Lamb to the Slaughter, but I think the readers have sympathy for Mary Maloney because of what she has to put up with and many would say that was she did was justified. ...read more.


Holmes and Watson go about their jobs extremely professionally throughout the story. The narrator goes onto explain exactly what they are doing and how well they handle the situation. "It was nearly one 'o' clock when Sherlock Holmes returned from his excursion. He held in his hand a sheet of blue paper, scrawled over with notes and figures." At the end of Lamb to the Slaughter there is a twist by the detectives eating the murder weapon unknowingly and in The Speckled Band, Holmes explains his actions through Watson the narrator. The differences in English affect the stories because in Speckled Band, Sir Arthur uses standard English and Lamb to the Slaughter uses modern English. I prefer Lamb to the Slaughter because of the more modern setting, more modern use of language and just in general the whole plot. Even if The Speckled Band were the more modern play I still wouldn't choose it because I didn't like the plot. Basically Lamb to the Slaughter is more modern and Speckled Band is old. The plot in Speckled Band did really bore me, unlike Lamb to the Slaughter, which was full of suspense. ...read more.

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