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Comparing 'Clever Tom Clinch Going to be Hanged' and 'A London Fete'.

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Poetry Comparison 1 In this essay I will be comparing two poems. They are 'Clever Tom Clinch Going to be Hanged' and 'A London Fete'. 'Clever Tom Clinch Going to be Hanged' was written by Jonathan Swift in 1726, 'A London Fete' was written Coventry Patmore in 1890. Clever Tom Clinch Going to be Hanged is about a criminal called Tom Clinch, who was going to be hanged but he still had time to joke. Eventually when he was about to be hanged he "hung like a hero". On the other hand A London Fete is about a hanging where the crowd does not even know what the criminal's crimes were, this poem also focuses on the crowd as a whole and as individuals, more than the criminal himself. The two poems have been written 'one hundred and sixty four years' apart. Clever Tom Clinch Going to be hanged took place at Tyburn Gallows, which is modern day Marble Arch. ...read more.


The role of the crowd in 'Clever Tom Clinch' is very different to the role of the crowd in 'A London Fete'. In 'Clever Tom Clinch' the crowd is seen as a whole, the crowd knows what Tom Clinch's crimes are and there reaction to Tom Clinch is different to the reaction of 'the Condemned man' in 'A London Fete'. In 'A London Fete' the crowd does not even know what the Condemned man's name and crimes are, but are still watching just for entertainment. Both poets use many different writing devices such as alliteration, onomatopoeia, contrast and repetition, these devices are used to create the crowd's atmosphere and vivid impressions. In 'Clever Tom Clinch' there is only one example of alliteration that is in Line 21, it is "My conscience is clear". On the other hand 'A London Fete' has many example of alliteration such as "Shock on shock" which is in Line 1, "Culprit's crime" which is line 12, "Doomed man dumb" which is in Line 13, ...read more.


I think 'Clever Tom Clinch' is effective but not as effective as 'A London Fete' because the poet focuses more on the crowds reaction to the criminal than the hanging itself, well as 'A London Fete' shows how it effects young children which is shown in Line 42 where the poet says "A baby strung its doll to a stick" this shows how the baby was effected, the poet also shows how it effected slightly older children more in Line 44 where it says "Two children caught and hanged a cat". The poet shows how it never effected some people as much, this can be seen Line 45 where the poet says "Two friends walked on in lively chat", but these lines shows how Public Hangings can cause problems in the streets by saying "and two who had disputed places, went forth to fight with murderous faces" which is in Lines 46-47. These lines show the real effect of public hangings and how they affect different people in different ways. That is why I think Public hangings should not be done in public. Mubarak Isaq Patel 10B ...read more.

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