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Comparing the ‘Nancy Reagan’ and ‘Michael Jackson’ articles

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John Gardner Year 10 English Coursework 20/09/01 Comparing the 'Nancy Reagan' and 'Michael Jackson' articles Kitty Kelley really lacerates into the pretenses Nancy Reagan in her unauthorized biography. Kelley tells many personal secrets that Reagan thought would make people may judge her. The writer may be trying to show people "The Real" Nancy Reagan. The many examples she uses would overall, have people disliking Reagan due to her pretenses. The Michael Jackson article from 'The Guardian', written by Catherine Bennett, is quite similar to Kelley's article, as Bennett is also critical of Jackson. Though the articles are similar, the Jackson article appeals to a much wider reading audience. Due to Jackson's phenomenal fame, almost every person over the age of ten will know who he is. The picture in Bennett's article plays a vital role. Once a person has recognized Jackson, they will probably read the article out of interest. A persons curiosity causes them to want to read on. The extract from Reagan's Biography has many facts, with saying this, these could easily be claims or assertions made by Kelley through her own opinion. ...read more.


He thinks, or would like it to be thought that he is God like. She mentions God along side 'The Yorkshire Ripper' when she opened the article with the question, 'Who said this?' I wanted to change the world.' Bennett tries to highlight how silly Jackson sounds at times. With this being in the opening paragraph, it shows straight away that Bennett has a slight patronizing way towards Jackson. In the Jackson article, Bennett was reporting for 'The Guardian' in Stockholm, Sweeden. Her article has many different elements. She has a very sarcastic and belittled way to her views towards Jackson. The layout of her piece is very well presented. She uses many rhetorical points at the end of her paragraphs. Once again, this makes the reader curious and gives them an incentive to read on. 'The Guardian' is a British based Newspaper, and Bennett is reporting on a worldwide celebrity. She uses a rhetorical point in or around the seventh paragraph; when she writes, "The most emotional confrontation, he adds, took place in Britain". Using the word Britain and the fact that over 4/5 0f the reading audience will be British, may make the reader inquisitive enough to read on. ...read more.


This kind criticism causes the reader to have a made up image in their head. Imagining Jackson's nose looking like a hedgehog's causes amusement with the reader. However, if the reader wasn't neutral and actually liked Jackson, there may be some tension caused; the reader may not like what is written. This may also by implying to the reader how 'ugly' Jackson may be. Hearing somebody famous being called ugly, may make people laugh. Kelley's article is a lot more formal and reserved than that of Catherine Bennett's. Her criticisms of Reagan are not out and out ridicules like those that Bennett shows to Jackson in her article. Kelley is a lot more restrained with her critical opinions; nevertheless, this does not make them any less callous. Bennett uses an onslaught of demeaning sentences to mock Jackson. In my opinion, I think Bennett's style of writing is more effective than the style of Kitty Kelley, when trying to persuade the reader to a particular view about the person they are writing about. Bennett often makes the reader create an image in their head that is very easy to do. The use of wit assists her to get her point across to the reader. I think Bennett does this better than Kelley. ...read more.

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