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Comparing the writings of Trevor and Dickens.

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  • Essay length: 1602 words
  • Submitted: 29/10/2003
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GCSE David Copperfield

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Dickens used language as a technique to present his characters. Firstly Miss Havisham's clothes had lost its colour, 'once white now yellow'. For so long she had not taken of her wedding dress, and it had aged with her. Miss Havisham had suffered so much pain mentally, that it had begun to show through her face, 'sunken eyes', it is though all the bad memories were still in her eyes. The character had worn the bridal dress for so long that it had started to look like 'grave clothes', this illustrates that miss Havisham lost touch with the world and felt neglected. Miss Havisham was in a dull atmosphere, 'no brightness left' this also suggests the surroundings showed her inner somber feelings.

Through narrative structure Trevor was able to create and describe his characters. Trevor used a certain type of format when describing. Firstly he begun with the characters name and a short description, 'Teresa Atty and was now Teresa Cornish, had a round pretty face and black, pretty hair'. He then followed on with their personal details, 'and was a month and a half pregnant'. Trevor finally ended with the relationship between characters, 'she stood in the

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