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Coursework: Creative Writing

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Creative Writing Coursework I struggled through the brambles, sobbing dryly. My limbs ached with exhaustion and my hands had been shredded by the thorny bushes; my skin was slashed and torn. Blood dripped slowly down my arms, I helplessly sobbed. As if in response, a quiet howl, echoed eerily through the night sky. I lay still whilst sweat dribbled over my face. It was all over. They had found me. I imagined their noxious sharp teeth sinking into my flesh, eyes flashing and mouths foaming. My eyes pinched shut. The night breeze hushed. Then it came. Growling deeply. The scent of my thick blood in its nostrils. I quivered as I felt the warm moist breath settle on my neck. ...read more.


I began to wonder if I should risk giving it a mighty kick to escape and save myself. But I decided against it. Even if I did get the satisfaction of getting my revenge on one of the hairy creatures, the others would get their revenge on me, images of the beasts devouring on my dead body already began to flash endlessly in my head. I heard the creature groan then, to my surprise, it walked away. Its paws crunched through the brittle leaves and twigs that covered the jungle floor. The others followed and I listened carefully as the crunching became softer and softer until I could no longer hear it. I remained lying still for a few minutes, to be on the safe side, and also to regain my energy. ...read more.


I spun around and scuttled the opposite direction. I scraped through the deadly thorn bushes. But the beasts galloped close behind me. I forcefully urged myself to go faster. The space ahead of me was now crisp black and a narrow gap was made clear by the moonlight glaring fiercely above me. I was on the verge of being scoffed alive just five minutes ago, but I survived. I was not going to stand around waiting to die again. I limped and tumbled over rocks and dikes, I paced as fast as my legs could carry me. The shuffling became louder and louder, I risked a quick glance behind me...carelessly running into a tree. I dived into the prickly ground. Hesitantly I looked up, visualising the craving jaws slobbering for pure, rich human flesh, ready to gorge their foaming mouths into me... ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Writing to Inform, Explain and Describe section.

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