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Cousin Kate by Christina Rosetti compared with The Choosing by Liz Lochhead

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Cousin Kate by Christina Rosetti/The Choosing by Liz Lochhead Cousin Kate Cousin Kate is a poem, written in the Victorian times by a woman called Christina Rosetti. Christina was a very religious woman, she wanted eventually to be a nun, and she did voluntary work at a London reform home for young prostitutes. The poem is about a young cottage maiden who falls in love with a lord. The lord "changed her like a glove", this suggests that the lord could get anyone he wanted. The story is about a cottage maiden who falls in love with a lord, he praises her and treats her like a queen. The lord then falls in love with the cottage maiden's cousin (cousin Kate). ...read more.


This poem is simply stating one of the sexist problems in the Victorian times. Men would not treat women with respect, they would have sex with them and then be done with them. The choosing This poem is by Liz Lochead, it was written in 19th century. The poem has a very strong view on the way women used to be treated. The choosing is about two best friends, the friends are equally clever in everything they do. They girls were both very similar, they both came from the same sort of background "the same houses, different homes", they were the same in everything they did, and they wore their hair the same "same coloured ribbons in mouse-coloured hair". They competed with each other at school in test etc. ...read more.


She did not see Mary for years to come until one day she is returning from the library "sitting near me on the bus, Mary with a husband who is tall". The other girl is returning home from the library, this tells us she has carrying on with her education. Cousin Kate/ the choosing These to poems are very similar in the way they are written and what they are based on. Both poems are focused on the way women were treated by men. They are different because of the time they were set but this shows us that the way men treat women has never changed. In Cousin Kate the women falls in love with a user and in the choosing Mary's farther doesn't agree with further education for girls. Both the stories have a sexist view. Now most people do not think like that however there is a small selected group that have old-fashioned opinions. ...read more.

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