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Creative Writing Coursework : The doorbell rings.

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Creative Writing Coursework : The doorbell rings. "Who is it?" No answer. It rings again. "Hello? Is there anyone there?" I ask as my motionless feet are glued to the ground, my heart starts pounding like a hard hit drum. Still, no answer. Then all of a sudden I feel a gush of wind push me towards the door, closer and closer I got, dragging my dead feet with me as I reached out for the doorknob. I could hear the noises of thunder competing with the rain and the strong husky wind rattling the torn-down shed outside. These noises were getting louder and louder. The wind howling like a dying, starving fox which seemed to get closer and closer to me as if it was after my flesh. I opened the door. No one there, 'oh it was probably some children being silly' I thought to myself as a fierce chill pierced my throat. I quickly forced the door shut and I hurried into the hallway. ...read more.


I was completely and utterly relaxed. I didn't want to move as I heard the doorbell ring again, 'oh, this better be important' I thought to myself as I was about to be removed from my flawless paradise, then I decided to leave the door unopened as it would probably be the 'silly children' returning to irritate me with another juvenile practical joke. The 'children' moved on. Just then I heard silent footsteps as my sixth sense alerted me that I was no longer alone. I decided to ignore my beliefs until it was proven, as I was being forced down by more then just gravity. Then I heard a brakeage of glass, I stopped breathing for a few seconds but for me it was a few minutes as my heart started to beat rapidly. I was petrified. I wanted to remain in my dreamland and ignore what I had just heard, but I couldn't. I wanted to go downstairs and investigate but somehow fear had hypnotised into staying. ...read more.


I couldn't see him and I didn't want to as a shiver ran through my neck and along my spinal cord I knew I was no longer safe. "Em.... err...hello darling, what are you doing home?" he asked as I managed to forget fear and move towards the light switch which controlled the light directly towards him, gently switching it on. I was relived. Still suffering from shock I fell onto the couch helplessly. I tired to relax my heart repeating to myself, "your safe now.." Though it took time to emotionally reassure myself that I was safe. "Are you O.K? Did I scare you?" were his words which fell from his lips as he tired too keep my warm by pulling me close to his body. His hands were warm, so warm. I could feel his heat trying to overhaul my shivers as he gently kissed my forehead and ran his gentle masculine hands through my hair. I felt like a child being handed back her doll, which she shed tears for. I knew I was safe again. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Writing to Inform, Explain and Describe section.

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