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Creative writing inspired by the Song: The Story of Beauty Artist: Destiny's Child

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Katie Crawford 10H Song: The Story of Beauty Artist: Destiny's Child Mood: Sad, Upsetting, Hate and Anger Setting: House I sit there every night just thinking to myself, why is life this way? Is this all a dream, are the bad times forever, because that's how it seems. Every night this poor young girl I see is crying herself to sleep and I wonder why it's coming from someone as beautiful and graceful as her. Since her mother has gone away she looks so frightened, alone and tense. She's alone with her stepfather who she hates and anger fills him. She's scared to be alone with him and just thinking about him makes her feel unsafe. Her mother doesn't believe the horrible, sick and nasty things that he does to her. Her mother left for a couple of weeks through her business and said she would be back soon. She feels sick with fright; the hairs on her neck stand on end as if some thing from a horror film has entered the house and her life. He abuses her emotionally and made her feel like she is worthless. ...read more.


Well as much as I can remember. The years went by and they got married and I was a bridesmaid, I can remember the look on my mothers face, she looked so beautiful. The sun was shining down and I thought to myself this is the happiest day of my life. Later on that year things started to change, I wouldn't see my stepfather as often as usual, and he would never talk to me and was always out. When he did talk he was nasty, he would never let me talk to my mum when I needed to, he would say 'leave your mother in peace for once', and he would whisper in my ear 'don't talk to her she's my wife your just the spiteful little child'. I can still smell, almost taste, his breath, a mixture of cigarettes and whisky which always made me feel sick and put a shiver down my spine. But when I told my mum she would say I was being pathetic, silly and would then tell me off for telling lies. She just couldn't see what I saw of my stepfather. ...read more.


My mother started packing her things, she told me she had to go away for a couple of week's part of her business, her work. I said ok but deep, deep down inside I was terrified. I just wanted to run away I couldn't believe I'd be left alone with him. I'd tell my mother what he does to me, but she would not believe me. She'd say I was making things up for attention. I feel I'm invisible no one around me cares how I feel. I feel deeply like there's only one way out. A place to go were I will be respected cared for and here is the place the complete opposite to that. I hate it, I hate this. All I have to offer is my crying. Why me? I feel alone, why won't anyone listen? No one could figure out why this young girl would live her life in such pain and unhappiness. Dry your eyes young girl, don't cry you're beautiful, it's not your fault young girl. Your not the one to blame, soon it will be ok, one day you'll realise your beauty. Don't hold your head down so low, you've got so much, so much you can still live your life, I promise you, you'll survive girl. You're beautiful! ...read more.

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