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Dear Diary, Today John and me had a quarrel because he went to Salem without letting me know.

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Dear Diary, Today John and me had a quarrel because he went to Salem without letting me know. I still have suspicion that the affair between him and Abigail has not ended just yet. My suspicion has come about due to him spending some time in Salem today and not telling me that he had even gone. When John came back I had his tea on the table as usual and he sat down without saying a word. This was when I first got suspicious. It was the way he didn't acknowledge that I had spent a lot of time on the day's tea. I only got a bit of thanks after I had told him that I had caught the rabbit and had too skin it and then cook it myself. ...read more.


John seemed calm when he said this probably not realising that he had lied to me because he had said with all honesty that he and Abigail were in a room with several other people, his lying makes me question his loyalty to me. My faith was somewhat restored slightly when he looked me fully in the eye and said that he and Abigail were finished for good. It was his voice that seemed so forgiving that gave me faith in him again. He only did say this after he had raised his voice about me questioning him over the affair between him and Abigail. Dear Diary, When Mary Warren came back from the court today she had made me the most adorable little rag doll anyone had ever seen. ...read more.


Reverend Hale visited the house today and made it clear he visited of his own accord to check if the children had been condemning the right people. I was ashamed to find that John didn't answer all of the commandments correctly and was especially concerned that the one he faulted on was adultery. The Reverend did not seem impressed by his performance after I had corrected him. Then he used me as his allay saying that we know them together which disgusted me as he should know them of by heart. This shall be the last entry in my diary for a time as I have been allowed for this entry on the condition that I do not attempt to write in this again. This is due to me being arrested by the court after being condemned by the children. ...read more.

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