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Describe the qualities of a good friend

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´╗┐There is a saying that goes "A friend in need is a friend indeed". This proverb means that true friends are those who will always be there for us and will stick by us through thick and thin. I believe that every human being in this world MUST have friends in order to lead a happy life. In other words, nobody can survive in this complex world as a loner or a hermit crab. We have all kinds of friends, but good friends are the ones whom we always depend on and we cherish the happy moments we spend together. ...read more.


This quality is extremely important as lies can lead to trouble and strain a close relationship. A good friend cares for us and is concerned for our welfare. A good friend always hopes for the best for us. He is the one with whom we will be able to share our joys and sorrows. A good friend provides a shoulder for us to cry on whenever we are depressed. For instance, we always feel better after pouring out our woes and worries to our good friend. That should be the role a good friend plays - lend a helping hand and help us get on with our lives. ...read more.


It makes people grow closer and fonder of each other. They spend a great deal of time together pursuing their interests. They hold the same outlook on life. This is what makes them get along so well. A good friend is a person in whom we confide our innermost feelings and deepest secrets. A good friend will not blab out our secrets. He will not spread rumours about us. I guess this quality maintains a friendship throughout life. These are the qualities I hope to find in a friend. Hopefully, everyone is blessed with a good friend so the world becomes a more beautiful place to live in. ...read more.

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