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GCSE: Arthur Miller

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  1. Take one of the characters in the play ‘A VIEW FROM A BRIDGE’, describe their personality throughout the play and say how the role could be played in a performance.

    He finds a reason for why he is correct. This happens often in the play. Eddie puts up a fight until he gets what he wants. He also disapproves of the way that she walks; 'You are walkin' wavy!' He brings her to tears. Eddie treats her like a small child because this is the way that he wants it to be. His excuse is that he promised her mother on her deathbed that he would look after her. He is trying to make Catherine feel guilty. If Catherine goes against his word she will be dishonouring her mother; this is not the case.

    • Word count: 3950
  2. Arthur Miller intended ’The View from the Bridge’ to be a Modern Greek tragedy

    This indicates that Catherine is really trying to impress Rodolfo that she is really making an effort to show him her maturity by making her own clothes, to show she is capable. Rodolfo is perhaps reflecting on the situation with him and Catherine. When the dialogue begins it is clear things are quite uneasy (presumably because they are alone for the first time in the house together) with the conversation being fairly tense and formal. "Catherine ~ You hungry? Rodolfo ~ Not for anything to eat I have nearly three hundred dollars.

    • Word count: 3703
  3. A view from the bridge

    From this and his own experiences he wrote 'A view from the bridge'. The main character in the play is about is Eddie Carbone, an Italian longshoreman in New York, with a loving wife Beatrice, and her niece Catherine. The plays trouble begins when Beatrice's cousins Rudolph and Marco come from Italy for work in Brooklyn. Alferi is the character that plays as a narrator as well as a character. Through Alferi the audience can understand the play more because he is able to talk to the audience.

    • Word count: 3427
  4. At The End Of “A View From The Bridge,” Is The Audience Likely To Feel That Justice Has Been Done?

    This is ultimate humiliation for Eddie and he vows to kill Marco. Eddie's plan (like his whole life to this point) backfires and Catherine agrees to marry Rodolpho so he can avoid deportation. Early in Act1 you realise that Eddie is very overprotective of Catherine, this can be seen when Eddie denies her the opportunity of having a job. At first his overprotection is seen as a fatherly type of protection, however later on in the play it is obvious that the overprotection is made up of jealousy rather than fatherly protection.

    • Word count: 3306
  5. How does Miller create expectations of disaster in his audience in his play ‘A View From The Bridge’?

    In this neighbourhood to meet a lawyer or a priest on the street is unlucky. We're only thought of in connection with disaster, and they'd rather not get too close.' This makes the audience think, if a lawyer is involved, something bad must happen. At the end of his speech he introduces Eddie, but refers to him in the past-'This one's name was Eddie Carbone.' As he is referring Eddie as someone in the past then it appears to the audience that Eddie is dead. After hearing Alfieri talk of lawyers being bad luck, the audience might link the disaster that lawyers bring, to Eddie being referred to in the past.

    • Word count: 3799
  6. How is the last scene (from ‘The lights rise on the apartment…’) a fitting and explosive conclusion to the play?

    All mentally stable humans have morals which may relate to the environment the person was brought up in. This is what we believe distinguishes us humans from animals. It could be said that in the play Eddie behaves like an animal as in the concluding scene Marco shouts 'Anima-a-a-al', he seems to behave like he has no integrity, especially not the strict ideals of the Scilian community. I believe Eddie is in control of his morals which do basically follow the Scilian community e.g.

    • Word count: 5038
  7. Eddie’s fate comes from a combination of his particular personality and the special community in which he lives. How far do you think Eddie’s fate is his own fault?

    This more than anything greatly shaped the way their new culture changed. Their community became very close, putting family before all else. Red Hook had to channel all it's energy into protecting the members of its community, and it is in these circumstances, that Eddie Carbone, finds himself in a very difficult situation. The character Alfieri appears sporadically in the play, acting as a Greek chorus and giving a general overview of the proceedings. He has the metaphorical 'view from the bridge ', being well educated, a lawyer in fact, he is raised above the rest of the population.

    • Word count: 4262
  8. Examine how modern protagonists are caught in a classical, tragic tale of revenge and obsession from which their heritage leaves them no escape.

    He believes that people barely acknowledge him in the street, only giving him a nod, hardly even noticing him. Eddy's speech is written in blank verse, his language and speech showing us that he is a well-educated man. His speech is filled with formal and poetic language. He talks as if the world has been unjust toward him, as if he is not quite content with the world around him, but is not quite sure what could be done to correct it all. He tells us: 'Justice is very important here'. It seems to be ironic that the people are afraid of the law that protects them.

    • Word count: 4547
  9. Eddie is a rat and belongs in the sewer; discuss using reference to the play.

    Catherine is an 18-year old who, because of her mother's death is living with her Aunt Beatrice and her husband, Eddie. Eddie has taken upon himself to be a father to Catherine and to give her the very best in life. Therefore, because of his 'fatherly' affections Eddie and Catherine have developed a close family relationship. Eddie's first comments to Catherine this early in the play are all centred on Catherine's appearance. References made about her hair, clothes and about her 'walkin' wavy.'

    • Word count: 3730
  10. A View From the Bridge

    The family and the extended family were of major importance as was the community. Many of the families were recent immigrants from Southern Italy, the original home of the Mafia, and family and blood ties were often demonstrated through the practice of vendetta, that is the obligation on the rest of the family to take revenge on anyone who insulted or harmed any of its members. It was, therefore, a culture in which a man's reputation (for strength and honesty, for example) was crucial to him and where any affront to a person's honour had to be avenged.

    • Word count: 3816
  11. “The Crucible is still performed all over the world because its theme is universal.” Consider why miller wrote the play and discuss why it is still successful piece of drama

    This, for Miller, turned out to be to his advantage, as he managed to find a parallel with 1950's America and 1692, Salem. This play turned out to be one of the most relevant plays of the past and of today. The reason to why Miller used the idea of witchcraft instead of McCarthyism is obvious; because had he said directly that he did not agree with the actions being taken, he would have been taken to court, but the idea of witchcraft also had another effect.

    • Word count: 3967
  12. A View from the Bridge

    During this time a young lawyer friend of Miller's also told him a story about 'a longshoreman who had ratted to the Immigration Bureau on two brothers, who were living illegally in his very own home'. He also visited Sicily a few years later where he say huge levels of poverty that played a part in him including characters of Italian origin and keeping poverty as one of the main themes of this play. These above factors were the entire cultural context that led to Miller writing yet another very influential play - 'A View from the Bridge'.

    • Word count: 6287
  13. Explore the dramatic effects used by Miller in “The Crucible”

    Both sexes were made to wear clothing with long sleeves and long socks. The less flesh that was seen the better as it gave them a purer look. No accessories or make up could be worn. The only social events they were allowed to take place in was visiting church and working. There was no drinking, gambling, theatre or dancing to take part in everyday of the year and Sundays were kept totally free, as it was God's day. Very different from modern life! This is why there is such a sombre, miserable atmosphere throughout the play.

    • Word count: 3274
  14. A View from A Bridge.

    The play stemmed from a story told by a young lawyer friend of Miller's. It was about a man who was a hardworking longshoreman who 'ratted' to the Immigration Bureau on his two relatives, (illegal immigrants) in order to break an engagement between one of the relatives and his niece. This was the birth of a historic play called "A View from A Bridge". The main theme of this play quite often is about a very powerful emotion - jealousy, and I think this is the message the director is trying to get across.

    • Word count: 3313

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