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GCSE: Arthur Miller

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  1. "A View From the Bridge" - Show how Miller presents and develops the relationships between the main characters, increasing the dramatic tension to build up to an explosive and moving climax.

    Catherine is na�ve about Eddie's reactions and sees nothing of it. The second relationship to be presented by Miller is that between Eddie Carbone and his wife Beatrice. The first image we see of their relationship is of the two of them worrying about each other. Beatrice tells Eddie, "I'm just worried about you." This builds up the dramatic tension as, we ask, what is Beatrice worried about? The dramatic effects add to the tension as she is looking into his eyes as if there is something to worry about.

    • Word count: 4083
  2. Explore the factors leading up to the death of John Proctor and comment on the way these issues are presented in the play.

    He knows he has many enemies in the village and needs Abigail to tell him the 'truth'. This would of course be the truth that he wished to hear and it appears from his hysteria that he wants anything but the truth. At this point Abigail actually answers quite truthfully and tries to explain to her Uncle that they were only messing about by saying 'it were sport, uncle.' Things take a turn for the worse when the reverend starts to question Abigail about her relationship with John Proctor.

    • Word count: 4046
  3. The Crucible by Arthur Miller.

    One reason is to put other characters under pressure and to create tension. We can see this in Hales questioning of the Proctors. The first sense of tension is seen when Hale asks Goody Proctor if she knows her commandments. From the stage directions we can tell how this is said to have made Elizabeth feel under pressure. 'Then, with the voice of one administering a secret test'. Calling it a 'secret test' is correct and a clever way of putting Hales questioning, in the sense that Hale is testing the Proctors religious knowledge and giving them a chance to prove that although they have their faults they are both good Christians.

    • Word count: 3824
  4. "A View From The Bridge" is a play that deals with complex human relationships - Write a detailed study of at least three of these relationships, making clear their dramatic function in the play.

    she asks about her skirt, "you like it?" she asks about her hair. In fact, when Eddie says "beautiful" she says "You like it, huh?"; this is a rhetorical question, she's seeking more than approval, she's seeking confirmation, because Eddie's opinions matter to her and it pleases her tremendously to see that he likes what she's doing. However, when Eddie says that she's walking wavy and "ain't all the girls" Catherine is very upset; "...almost in tears because he disapproves."

    • Word count: 4311
  5. A View From The Bridge - There are those who believe that Marco is innocent, and those who believe that he is guilty. Does Miller intend to show him as both, as partially innocent and partially guilty? I think he does.

    Miller also intends to show the warning that is given to Eddie by Marco against ill treating Rodolfo any longer. Why does Marco have to say that? Is it necessary? "You know the way they" are. Always mean and aggressive, just like Marco. Then again, you could argue that Miller exhibits Eddie as the possessive and aggressive one. Marco is polite at the start of the play, until Eddie repeatedly bullies Rodolfo. Miller clearly lets us see this during the supposedly friendly fight where Eddie teaches Rodolfo boxing.

    • Word count: 3142
  6. A View from the Bridge By Arthur Miller.

    A chorus remains emotionally detached from what is happening in the play, their role is to inform the audience. In his role of the chorus Alfieri is able to express the following qualities. Alfieri is the one who opens the play by setting the moods and atmosphere for what is going to happen next, and he is one closing the play when he gives his own remarks about Eddie, "Who allowed himself to be wholly known". He switches his role from the chorus to the character. This is evident in another part of the play when Eddie comes to him to talk about Rodolfo and Alfieri says to him, "He has not done any crime.....you should let nature take its path".

    • Word count: 3811
  7. The Crucible by Arthur Miller - Abigail Williams - Character Study.

    In my personal opinion Abigail's lustful desire for John Proctor is the root cause for the hysteria in Salem, her evil intent when Proctor refuses to renew the relationship is the cause for all this death and fear. Abigail seduced Proctor whilst working for him and Elizabeth as a maid. As the relationship developed Elizabeth suspected something unusual and ended it by evicting Abigail. This was Abigail's first experience of adult life and of womanhood. For that to be taken away from her so suddenly and then to be thrust into the backseat of youth must hurt very much.

    • Word count: 3783
  8. A View From the Bridge - The whole of this play involves symbolism, on many different levels.

    On the bridge we have time to form opinions, to judge other people, to 'settle for half�. It was his American audience that Miller addressed through Alfieri: "Most of the time now we settle for half and I like it better. But the truth is holy, and even as I know how wrong he was and his death useless, I tremble for, I confess that something perversely pure calls to me from his memory--not purely good, but himself, purely, for he allowed himself to be wholly known and for that I think I will love him more than all my sensible clients."

    • Word count: 13923
  9. Arthur Miller wrote many endings for his play- 'A view from the bridge'. As we know the chosen ending results in Marco killing Eddie. One other possible ending for this play was Eddie begging Catherine to choose him-

    This ending also hints that Catherine had strong feelings for Eddie because you 'kill the one you love' which wasn't the case. This ending moves the limelight away from Eddie and onto Catherine, which Miller would not approve of. As can be seen from Miller's other plays, men are the protagonists so this ending would go against Miller's writing style. The ending I have chosen to compare with the plays actual ending is Eddie killing himself. Although on the surface this ending seems to be the most unrealistic and unfitting to the play, it brings out the religious context of the play and also shows Eddie as more humane because he finally admitted he was in the wrong.

    • Word count: 4508
  10. Write about Miller's presentation of Eddie Carbone in "A View from the Bridge" and consider the version of masculinity that he presents in contrast with the other men in the play and how he deals with his life in America.

    He believes that a man should be strong both physically and emotionally and that they should indulge in typical manly activities such as sport, drinking, women etc. Eddie's name and reputation in the community are also very important to him. From the moment Rodolpho and his elder brother Marco arrive in New York, Eddie dislikes them. He is resentful towards Rodolpho, this is because Catherine seems to like him and he can't accept this and also because he gets hints from the way in which Rodolpho behaves that he is gay.

    • Word count: 3928
  11. Diary 1 - Hopes and Fears.

    All we have to eat is the sunshine in Sicily and thank god everyday is a sunny day over there. That's how bad it is in Sicily right now and that's why I know that what Marco and me are going to do tomorrow is definitely the right thing to do. I know for sure that if I get into America I'm going to be legit because there's no way I'm going to spoil anything for Rodolfo or my family by ever taking such a dumb risk in a country that gives everybody so much already!

    • Word count: 7673
  12. A Crucible analysis in terms of language and structure.

    crossover between the two met its climax at panic, hence the trials in the United States to which Miller was no stranger to. The playwright was brought to trial to assist the court in finding those who were witnessed to meeting and socialising with him; they were deemed communist. In various quotes and accounts given from Miller himself, we can see how his personal involvement in the communist raids appear in the play in the thoughts and feelings of the characters and the overall message that can interpreted from The Crucible: I believe this to be the ethos of boundaries

    • Word count: 4373
  13. "The Crucible" - John Proctor says, "I'll tell you what's walking Salem, vengeance is walking Salem." Discuss the real evil in Salem, who contributed to it and their motives who do you blame the most?

    For example, the Committee often had possession of lists of people seen at various meetings, yet they still wanted the witnesses to name names. Miller related these public confessions to those that confessed to witchcraft, and falsely accused others, in Salem. In his autobiography, Timebends, Arthur Miller tells us that he had known about the witchcraft experience from as far back as his college days but it had remained in his mind. It was not until a copy of Marion Starkey's book The Devil In Massachusetts fell into his hands that he got the idea for his play, The Crucible.

    • Word count: 5000
  14. Exploring the relationship between Eddie and Catherine as it develops throughout the play 'A View from the Bridge' .

    During the current stages of their lives, their relationship is presently very strong and reliable. They both trust each other boundlessly and share a love that only they can feel. However, as the events in the storyline develop, so too does the stress between them which has been built up over the years. Because of the stress that is put forward to each of them, the characters soon begin to anger one another causing their seemingly unbreakable relationship to break. In the latter part of the first scene that Eddie and Catherine are in together, an argument develops about the choice of clothes that Catherine is wearing (a short skirt to be precise).

    • Word count: 3420
  15. The Crucible was written in 1952 by Arthur Miller

    Such behaviour that they considered inappropriate or unacceptable was punished both severely and publicly. The play begins in a small bedroom in the house of Reverend Paris who is the local priest. He believes he is being persecuted wherever he goes, despite his best efforts to win people and God to his side. Miller's precise stage directions give the impression of a very claustrophobic room; this symbolizes the narrow-mindedness of the community. It is in this room that the image of a crucible is formed, as the scene is charged with fear, guilt, hate and envy.

    • Word count: 3804
  16. A View from the Bridge - Describe how Arthur Miller presents Eddie's character in the play and the dramatic strategies he uses to control the audience's feelings towards him.

    He does not want Catherine attracting the attention of men. He quotes that the way she walks down the street with 'high heels' causing men's heads 'turning' towards her. He is always concerned about her and does not want her to start a job before finishing school. The thing that concerns him most is that she is going to work with 'plumbers', whereas he wanted her to work in an office' or a 'lawyer's office'. He also says to Catherine 'I don't like the neighbourhood over there', showing that there might be men whose attention will wander to Catherine.

    • Word count: 3172
  17. Examine the effectiveness of the ending of 'A View from the Bridge' by A. Miller.

    Miller first wrote 'A view from the bridge' as a Modern Greek tragedy in which the central character is led by fate towards a destiny that cannot be escaped. Miller also first produced 'a view from the bridge' in verse but then later changed it to prose. Miller first wrote 'A View from the Bridge' in verse because many Greek tragedies were written in verse and because Shakespeare wrote his plays in verse. Miller changed it to prose because it reflects the community the play is based upon, However Alfieri uses poetic images.

    • Word count: 3245
  18. Explain why Marco and Rodolfo came to America. What is the effect of their arrival on the Carbone household? A view from the bridge - Arthur Miller

    a chorus who makes comments throughout the play, warning the audience of future happenings; the protagonist has predestination throughout the play; the drama contains a violent element; the audience become involved in the drama as if they are really there; after the action, the audience experiences catharsis preceding calm being restored into oneself. Miller also uses tragic themes to accompany the tragic elements already used in the play. These themes are love, loyalty, betrayal, honour, revenge, jealousy and death and through them is displayed the two cultures; one which used to be Sicilian but has been moulded over time conforming more to the American way of life but still rooted with Sicilian beliefs; the other being completely Sicilian.

    • Word count: 3218
  19. A View from a Bridge

    A lot of different attitudes are displayed in this scene, and all the tensions between certain characters become released. Real thoughts and opinions are expressed which allow the audience to view different sides of the characters and how they feel towards each other, which maybe they haven't had a chance to view in previous scenes. This scene comes just after the love scene between Rodolpho and Catherine, so the audience will be happy and content about the outcome of the play thinking it will be positive.

    • Word count: 3252
  20. Examine the end of act one in 'The Crucible.' Consider its importance of this scene to the rest of the play and analyse how Miller makes it dramatic.

    The play explores the themes of witchcraft, the struggle between good and evil and a fear of individuality. At the end of Act One Reverend Hale of Beverly, an authorative on witchcraft arrives at Reverend Parris's house. He is trying to awaken Betty from her bed, as she has not woken since Parris caught Betty and some other girls from the wood with Tituba, Parris's Negro slave. The atmosphere is tense due to the fact the scene is taking place in the dark, upstairs room of Betty's bedroom.

    • Word count: 3415
  21. In 1692 in Salem, Massachusetts, ten teen-age girls claimed that Reverend Samuel Parris' slave, Tituba and two elderly women from the town a Salem had bewitched them.

    The play begins by Parris catching a group of girls dancing in the woods and they are said to be trying to make contact with the devil. Parris accuses them of practising witchcraft. Whilst this is happening Betty and Ruth are struck down with a strange illness and witchcraft is immediately accused. John Proctor and Abigail have a conversation about their past affair and Abigail tells him that she is 'waiting for him' every night but Proctor tells her that he is over her.

    • Word count: 4146
  22. To what extent can 'The Crucible' be viewed as a Classical Tragedy?

    Proctor then takes Mary Warren who works for him but is also a friend of Abigail and has cried witchcraft herself, and tells judge Danforth that Abigail is a liar. Mary Warren succumbs to fear of Abigail and names Proctor a witch, Abigail flees Salem and Proctor is convicted and hanged, his wife Elizabeth is spared as she is with child. The first time that we see John and Elizabeth together she is very cool with him, not trusting him or forgiving him after his affair.

    • Word count: 5111
  23. How Do The Views Of The Audience And Of The Main Character Change Towards Eddie As The Drama Unfolds?

    Radalfo is a humorous character, and does not take earning money in America seriously, whereas Marco is a hardworking man and needs the money to support his family. The stage directions indicate that Radalfo is an easygoing, joker, however Marco is far more formal with Eddie, he shows a deference. Eddie welcomes the cousins in a polite manner and assures them that they can stay for however long they need too. Marco is grateful for Eddie's hospitality and gratitude. Marco's appearance reflects his personality, Radalfo's appearance also reflects his personality, and we see that Radalfo has blonde hair, which is absurd for a man.

    • Word count: 3485
  24. How does Miller use Eddie to create dramatic tension for the audience in 'A View From A Bridge'?

    In him, we see this primitive impulse naked, or exposed. This explains Alfieri's remark at the end of the play, when he says that Eddie "allowed himself to be wholly known.' It is Eddie's desire for Catherine that drives him into making a wrong decision. When the cousins Marco and Rodolpho arrive from Italy, and Catherine falls for Rodolpho, Eddie's jealousy overboils in the form of a bad decision in this case -calling the Immigration Bureau. The consequences, both social and psychological, of this wrong action, destroy him. As Aristotle said,' at best, a tragic hero would evoke pity and terror from the audience if he is neither thoroughly good nor thoroughly evil, but a mixture of both.'

    • Word count: 4172
  25. What different types of tension exist within Arthur Miller's 'A View From The Bridge' and how does the playwright create these tensions?

    have finished speaking, and Alfieri speaks, especially when he says: "Now, as the weeks passed away, there was a future, there was a trouble that wouldn't go away." This makes the element of tragedy in the play blatantly obvious, but the means to reach the end unknown except for the involvement of Eddie and the cousins. With regard to the method of the cousins' arrival, the reason why they entered illegally was because in the 1950s, the US tightened immigration laws.

    • Word count: 3213

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