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Explain how the ideals of the Rebellion are undermined during the course of Animal Farm and suggest why that is inevitable.

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Animal Farm: Coursework Explain how the ideals of the Rebellion are undermined during the course of Animal Farm and suggest why that is inevitable. At the start of the book Old Major talks about his ideals. He talks about how life could be in the future, for instance he mentions a utopic paradise. His ideal world is a life of Animalism where every animal is equal. However, Animalism, like communism, is very idealistic but can never be paradise. This is demonstrated in George Orwell's Animal Farm. Through the course of the book we see how communism is only a dream and not reality. Old Major gathers together all the animals to talk about a dream that he has had. He makes a persuasive speech to the animals informing them that one day there will be a Rebellion where they overthrow the human race. Old Major describes their lives as "miserable, laborious and short." and implants ideas in the animal's heads that there is a much better life out there. During his speech he goes on to talk to different species of animals specifically telling them how degrading their lives are. He addresses the chickens and asks them "how many of those eggs ever hatched into chickens." He tells them how after the Rebellion all their eggs will be their own possession. However, this is not the case. After the Rebellion, Squealer informs them that they "must surrender their eggs." Here we can see a clear example of how Old Major was only talking about dreams and nothing more. ...read more.


If they all have different levels of intelligence, how can their society be equal? A more intelligent person must be leader. The pigs foresaw this. The day after Old Major delivers his speech they start studying their alphabet. They want to be prepared so that at the time of the Rebellion they can immediately take charge. As readers, we can see that the pigs are scheming and clever and can see that their society of equality is not going to work. The animals all have different strengths and weaknesses. Boxer, the carthorse has the greatest physical strength, this is what makes him a valued member of Animal Farm, until he has an accident and loses his strength. After this accident he is killed. Napoleon only wants people in his community if they are useful in some way. How can all the animals be equal if they have different strengths? Commandment seven was clearly a dream. Squealer also has a very special ability. He has the ability to make anyone believe what he says; he has a way with words. Having this advantage he joins forces with Napoleon and together they overthrow Snowball. Benjamin has the greatest advantage. He is like us, the reader, he has the ability to be an outsider and look in. He never gets excited or enthusiastic about anything because he knows that an unhappy end is inevitable. He was the only animal on the farm that "never laughed." Napoleon and Snowball are the two smartest pigs on the farm. ...read more.


These words are suggesting to us that it is beyond our world, only a dream, not real. Everything that Old Major says is awful in the beginning, eventually come back to haunt them. The next mistake the animals did was to let the pigs take charge. No animals ever argued against the pigs leading. The animals did not vote on whether the pigs could take charge and be their leader; the pigs assume that since they are the smartest they will be the bosses. From the very first day of the rebellion the pigs saw themselves as better than the rest because they were never challenged. They become greedy and power gets to their head. The seven commandments, which are meant to keep order in the farm, actually prove to be a nuisance and eventually they are ignored. The animals could not have all been equal if the pigs took charge. In a world of Communism it is not right to have a leader. The animals all have different levels of strength, intelligence and are all different ages. Snowball and Napoleon are very different and have an important role to play throughout out the book. Napoleon makes good use of Snowball when he has left and in some way one of his good characteristics is resourcefulness. In the last chapter we see animals complete the cycle and apart from the pigs, they are in the same conditions they started off with, if not worse. The pigs are too self-centred and selfish for Animal Farm to work. Within any form of government world wide, we can see leaders struggle with selfishness and greed. Ultimately everyone suffers. Devrim Dirlik 10RB ...read more.

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