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Explain Why Ralph Becomes leader, rather then Piggy or Jack. What are the main problems?

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Emma Gregory Explain Why Ralph Becomes leader, rather then Piggy or Jack. What are the main problems? To be a leader, you need a personality compatible with others. In Lord of the Flies the boys choose Ralph as their leader. In this essay I discuss why Ralph is chosen, and some of the problems occurring throughout the novel. In the first chapter, of "Lord Of The Flies", the boys voted a chief for the island. This is an almost unanimous vote as every boy voted for Ralph except Piggy, at first, and the choir. Obviously, not Jack because he wanted to be leader. When Ralph was made chief they all cheered even the choir, who didn't vote for him. The choir voted for Jack "with dreary obedience", as they knew they would get told off if they didn't. I think Piggy didn't vote, at first, because he wanted to be voted for, but seeing all the hands voting for Ralph, he thought he wouldn't get any votes, and Ralph would make a good chief. Ralph had fair hair, a prominent tummy, wide and heavy shoulders. He was the first person to be introduced to us; I think the writer did this because Ralph is the main character of the novel. ...read more.


But when it is not kept alight, because the boys are off hunting, he gets very angry. The problem is that the boys like hunting more than keeping a fire alight, because with hunting there is a reward even if they don't kill, they have the excitement of tracking down the pig (or animal they are hunting). The boys 'lean' towards Jack, now, because he seems more fun, (the boys are interested in fun). He likes hunting, and that interests all the boys. They don't like the boring jobs, for example keeping the fire alight, so they have a better chance of being rescued. Also, building shelters, so they have somewhere safe to sleep at night. Ralph starts to take it for granted, that when the conch is blown the boys come to the assembly. What makes the boys come to the assemblies is the fun, the assemblies were fun. But later on Ralph starts to order the boys around; he starts handing out orders. When he starts to say 'you've got to do it because I'm boss' he has lost the boys co-operation and his skill of being chief (being able to understand what people want). Things are breaking up. This quote shows how Ralph is firing orders at the boys, showing how he has lost his skill, trying to get the boys to do what is needed to survive (the boring things). ...read more.


"We haven't made a fire," he said, "what's any use. We couldn't keep a fire like that going, not if we tried." "A fat lot you tried," said Jack contemptuously. "You just sat.".... "I got the conch," said Piggy indignantly. "You let me speak!" "The conch doesn't count on top of the mountain," said Jack, "so you shut up." "I got the conch in my hand." "Put on green branches," said Maurice. "That's the best way to make smoke." "I got the conch---" Jack turned fiercely. "You shut up!" Piggy wilted. Piggy is only following the rules, Ralph set out, but Jack is rude to him because he thinks Piggy isn't worth listening to. But Piggy is probably the most clever and logical out of all of them. Piggy isn't chosen by the boys to be chief because no one would listen to him. Nobody would give him respect the way the do with Ralph. I think Ralph is the best leader because he is the only one who understands the boys, Piggy does too but the boys don't take him seriously. Jack would get the boys to follow him, but he doesn't care for them, like Ralph. Only Ralph is capable of leading a group of boys, and getting them to respect him. Ralph is trustworthy and caring. I would vote for Ralph as the leader. ...read more.

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