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How does Arthur Miller Change our opinion of the Major Characters as the play goes on?

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How does Arthur Miller Change our opinion of the Major Characters as the play goes on? Arthur miller is very good at giving a first opinion of the characters. Right from the beginning you think you have the character sussed. Our first opinion for most of the characters are changed completely as the play progresses. The 4 main characters that change are Eddie, Catherine, Beatrice and Marco. Eddie is the main character in the play. He is an American citizen and is not an illegal immigrant. He is married to Beatrice and has a niece called Catherine living with him. Eddie has got a macho attitude and he likes to uphold his respect. In the beginning he is thought of as a nice husband and uncle. It seems like a perfect household and Catherine is practically a daughter to Eddie. He has high hopes for Catherine and wants her to become a secretary in a big office firm. He doesn't like her attitude and the way she presents herself. ...read more.


She does all sorts of things like getting him drinks when he gets back from work. 'I'll get you a beer' Catherine wants to be treated like an adult and she doesn't understand that if she wants to be treated like one, she's going to have to act like one. When she really likes Rodolpho she sort of makes a choice of him over Eddie. She only does this because she knows that he really wants her and not just the passport. She sort of turns against Eddie and she has completely changed from the innocent little girl that does what ever Eddie wants, to the girl that does what she wants. 'I'm gonna get married whether you like it or not Eddie' Beatrice on the other hand does not change all that much with her feelings for Eddie. Although our opinion is changed a lot of Beatrice's attitude towards Catherine. ...read more.


He seems to get on well with Eddie until Eddie starts picking on Marco. Eddie has a little boxing match with Rodolpho just to embarrass him in front of Catherine. ' Come on Rodolpho, just a left and a right' As soon as Marco sees this happening he immediately takes the side of Rodolpho. He uses his strength to get back at Eddie. He teaches Eddie a trick that requires lots of strength. When Marco does it Eddie tries and can't do it. Now Eddie and Marco fall out because they both know that Marco was only trying to humiliate Eddie. When Eddie calls Immigration on Rodolpho and Marco, Marco now hates Eddie. This is when they become complete enemies. Eddie wanted his respect but instead got complete disrespect. He wanted an apology that he would never get. All of the Characters change in some way. Eddie changes the most; he goes from a highly respected man, to a snitch. He realises that he has made a mistake unfortunately he pays for it with his life. Jonathan Kempe English Paper 2 ...read more.

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