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How does Bronte show the reader Janes resilience to events that occur in the novel? How successful is she as the heroine?

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Final draft. How does Bronte show the reader Jane's resilience to events that occur in the novel? How successful is she as the heroine? The novel Jane Eyre is written by Charlotte Bronte and is set in the 1800's. It describes how Jane rose up from her orphan status at the start of the story to a higher status with Mr Rochester. More importantly Jane finds happiness. During the 1800's a woman's status was low and to have a higher status would involve marrying into a rich family or already belonging to a wealthy family. The story shows how Jane copes with the ups and downs in her life, during her journey for happiness. The aim of this essay is to show how Bronte shows Jane's resilience to events throughout the novel. Resilience is the ability to withstand suffering, to show strength. The essay will also include how successful Jane is as a heroine. Qualities that could be considered to make Jane a heroine are selflessness, courage and bravery. Throughout the essay will be references to six episodes that occur during the novel. Each of the episodes will show Jane's resilience or her heroic qualities. ...read more.


He also calls Jane a liar, "this girl is a liar", by doing this I believe that he is trying to make it hard for Jane to tell everyone about the truth of Mrs Reed. Jane's friend Helen helps her through the experience and Jane finds the strength to tell Miss Temple the truth. Bronte then introduces us to Jane as an eighteen year old, working as a governess at Thornfield hall. She works with a young child called Adele, for a Mr Rochester. During her stay Jane goes to see Mrs Reed after hearing that she is severely ill and asking for Jane. Mrs Reed tells Jane about how she told Jane's uncle that Jane was dead when he offered to take her to live with him. She says that she regrets doing it, and that she regrets how she treated Jane. Whilst by her bedside Jane says: "dear Mrs Reed, think no more of all this, let it pass from you mind." Even after hearing the news about her uncle and after how Mrs Reed treated her, Jane isn't angry at Mrs Reed. "You have my full and free forgiveness: ask now for gods and be at peace." ...read more.


They have a child and Mr Rochester starts to regain some sight. Before they get married Mr Rochester says: "a poor blind man who you will have to lead about by the hand?" Jane replies with "yes sir", Jane loves Mr Rochester and just wants to be happy. Throughout the story Bronte shows Jane as having many heroic qualities, while being bullied by John Reed she shows courage and bravery. She doesn't cave in and give up hope, she is resilient. All of the episodes throughout this essay show Jane's resilience. I believe that the reason Bronte wrote Jane Eyre was to show that if you want something bad enough you will get it. Jane wanted happiness and respect from others; at the end of the novel she has achieved this. Jane was in many bad situations but she was determined so she got through them all. The novel is also about the status of women in the 1800's. I think that Bronte was also trying to show that women have strength and that they deserved the same respect as men. The detail in the story and the point of view that Bronte gives us, encourages the reader to understand the sort of life led by women during the 1800's and their low status in society. The reader would also admire Jane as she was such a strong individual. ...read more.

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