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How does Miller present ideas about reputation in A View from the Bridge?

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Transfer-Encoding: chunked ´╗┐How does Miller present ideas about reputation in A View from the Bridge? In A View from the Bridge, Miller portrays many ideas about reputation, especially in the battle for reputation between the two main men of the play, Eddie and Marco. He also showcases the way in which a failure to settle for half in maintaining one?s reputation can lead to downfall, and also portrays the way in which not conforming to stereotypes can lead to people not taking you seriously, thereby leading to a ruining of your reputation. Initially, Miller portrays reputation as a very important part of the Italian Moral Code, and showcases how ruining someone?s reputation can be punished very harshly in by Sicilian Morals. After Eddie reports on Marco, Marco is seen to say ?In my country, he would be dead?, due to Eddie ruining Marco?s reputation, and, as Marco puts it ?degrading my brother and removing my children?. ...read more.


Furthermore, Miller portrays how a failure to settle for half in keeping your reputation leads to downfall. Throughout the play, Marco is portrayed as settling for half, except at the end of the play, where in his opinion, he has option but to kill Eddie. When Marco has just arrived at Eddie?s house, he belittles his own reputation, saying ?when you say go, we go?, showing how he recognises Eddie as the master of the household, and that he settles for simply being a visitor. Later in the novel however, when Eddie tries to prove his strength against Marco, Marco is said to have ?raised the chair like a weapon over his head?. This shows how Marco is now considered as Eddie?s equal or even his superior, and hints of aggression and violence are seen due to the use of the direction ?like a weapon?, and this could possibly be used by Marco to maintain and prove his reputation against Eddie. ...read more.


In addition, Mike and Louis state how Rodolpho is seen as a ?Paper Doll?, and how he has a ?sense of humour? and is always ?making remarks?. This is in distinct contrast to the ?regular slave? of Marco, and the fact that Marco is ?regular? further highlights the way in which Rodolpho is different, and ?stands out from the crowd?, and this in turn results in the ruining of his reputation, as he is not taken seriously by any of the other characters, due to him not behaving like the stereotypical masculine 1950s man. Perhaps, Miller uses this to highlight the way in which standing out from the stereotype in contemporary society leads to this ruining of reputation. Overall, Miller uses these ideas about reputation to contrast the Sicilian code of honour to the American culture that the contemporary audience will have been used to, and accurately showcases the importance of reputation to people from an Italian background, as well as this reputation affects how one is treated in society. ...read more.

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