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How does Willy Russell portray serious issues in an entertaining way?

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How does Willy Russell portray serious issues in an entertaining way? Willy Russell deals with a lot of serious issues in an entertaining way, issues such as social class, adoption, superstition, separated children, single parents and murder. The harsh themes reflect serious issues in reality. Nature vs. Nurture was also another issue that Willy Russell's depicted. As we saw in the play Mickey was brought up in a lower-class family, whereas Edward was brought up in a higher-class family. As it turned out Edward was eventually far better of than Mickey when they had grown up. This is a good indication to show that Willy Russell thinks that people who are brought up in a higher-class family have a better life than in a lower-class family. The play also reflects some of Willey Russell's life because he was brought up in an area of Liverpool, which was lower class, and there were probably rough times that he had to go through because of the recession. The recession (somewhere between late 1970's and 1980's) also triggered some issues such as poverty and different classes, which probably was why Willy Russell portrayed these issues in the play. These social and historical aspects of the play have influenced the plot; the setting was also significant because it was an area where there were lower-class people, but as it turned out Edwards's family were higher class - a reflection of the recession. ...read more.


This showed that Willy Russell thinks that higher-class people don't swear, but it was made entertaining as Edward said he wanted to be like Mickey. I mean you couldn't say that Mickey was a role model could you? This also shows the influence that a lower class like Mickey, had on a higher class like Edward. The narrator plays and important part of the dramatic aspect of the play. He is not in the plot, but he enhances the play. He uses Standard English, but with a regional accent. So he fits into the social context of the play. His vocabulary is direct; this symbolises a direct message. His voice is also assertive but he doesn't show any emotion, which shows he's detached from what's going on. He's dramatically effective because he is entwined in speech and action. The speech sequences between Linda and Mickey are interrupted by the narrator, which shows a dramatic presence. He comes at unexpected and dramatic times, which is engaging for the audience. The director also says 'shoes upon the table' and 'gypsies in the wood' this symbolises a warning and verbally foreshadows the rest of the play. The issue of superstition is portrayed in an entertaining way because the narrator is saying in between speeches. He is slightly menacing; this creates shock to the audience, which engages them. ...read more.


This reflects the attitudes of the author; he thinks that it was the different social classes mixing that caused the murders. His attitudes to social classes were high. He was concerned, that if people with a different social classes mix then it would spell trouble. In the play of Blood Brothers Willy Russell deals with a lot of serious issues in an entertaining way, this really engages the audience. He virtually engulfs all the serious issues with the entertainment and happy atmosphere, to portray them as entertaining. Our minds subconsciously think about the entertaining side of the issue rather than the serious side. The issues also add to the development of the play, poverty led to social class which eventually led to murder. However he try's to portray the issues in an entertaining way to engage the audience; it makes us feel and think about different aspects of the issues. Take social class for example, Mickey was brought up in a lower class family but probably had more enjoyment in his childhood than Edward. But Edward was not allowed much because of his parents. However when Mickey grew up he didn't have a good education and wasn't taught properly by his mother what was to do and not to do in life. These are different aspects of that issue, which were cleverly shown in an entertaining way by Willy Russell. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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