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How far was The Battle of the Somme a

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Historical Investigation Name: Ponmuhil Ravichandran Thesis: How far was The Battle of the Somme a "victory" for the British? Word Count: 1481 words A Plan of the investigation How far was The Battle of the Somme a "victory" for the British? This investigation seeks to evaluate the level of success for the British in the Battle of the Somme in 1916 and analyse whether this battle was really a "victory" for the British or not. The main body of this investigation outlines what happened to the British army in The Battle of the Somme in 1916, with references to many sources. The battle is then analysed to see to extent was it a victory for the British and to what extent it wasn't, with importance on the country and the army. Two of the sources used in this essay, The Western Front and The First Day of the Somme, are then evaluated in detail in terms of their origins, purpose, value and limitations. For evaluating "victory", many aspects are considered. These include a comparison between the objectives of Britain before the battle and the results itself, the number of casualties on both sides, etc. B Summary of evidence In 1916, the British planned to attack the Germans near the Somme River. ...read more.


The value of the book is that it is suitable for students up to 16 years old and the purpose states that this book is useful for further study and project work. As I am working on an investigation, I think that this book is ideal for me. This book also contains a lot photographs and some sources, which help us to understand better. The limitation of this source is that in some areas, there is information about the fighting which goes really in-depth. This is sometimes time consuming and hard to scan the relevant data. The other source that I chose to study was the book, The Western Front written by Richard Holmes. Holmes was a Reserve Infantry Officer for over thirty years (with a period of full-time service as a Lieutenant Colonel). He is currently director of Reserve Forces and Cadets in Britain's Ministry of Defense. The purpose of this book is to let people know everything of what happened in The Western Front in the First World War. This covers everything from how the front was created and the British Army in France, to the battle of Verdun and the last Hundred Days of the war. This source has such a great value. ...read more.


Therefore Haig had set out what he wanted to do at the battle of the Somme, and accomplished his aims successfully, but at the cost of 400,000 men's lives, a life of hell for the soldiers, lies to the media, and all for one battle in the First World War. E Conclusion Although the Battle of the Somme has some successes for the British, the huge amount of sacrifices given by the soldiers and the civilians were terrible. The hatred was shared everywhere and there is no compensation for the thousands wounded in the battle, who were lying there in the Battleground for hours and possibly days. All just for a few miles of land. Therefore, according to the majority of the people studied from the two sources, the battle of the Somme was not a victory. On the other hand, for people like Haig, this battle was seen as a victory. F List of sources Tames, Richard. 1990. The first day of the Somme. London. Dyrad press. www.johndclare.net. Simkin, J. 1981. Contemporary accounts on the First World War. Brighton. Tressell Holmes, Richard. The Western Front. 1 Tames, Richard. 1990. The first day of the Somme. London. Dyrad press. 2 www.johndclare.net. 3 Simkin, J. 1981. Contemporary accounts on the First World War. Brighton. Tressell 4 Holmes, Richard. The Western Front. 5 Tames, Richard. 1990. The first day of the Somme. London. Dyrad press. 6 Holmes, Richard. The Western Front. Ponmuhil Ravichandran 1 Ponmuhil Ravichandran ...read more.

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