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How is Imagery portrayed in two poems (Night of the Scorpion and Blessing) you have studied?

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How is Imagery portrayed in two poems (Night of the Scorpion and Blessing) you have studied? 'Night of the Scorpion' is a poem about a cultural situation which differs from ours. This is a narrative poem from the son's point of view, whose mother was stung by a Scorpio. The poem is loaded with techniques and devices which project one of the best imageries in the Cluster 1 of the Different Cultures poems, some analysis of which will be developed upon in this essay. Along the same lines is the poem 'Blessing' which is also a different culture poem. It is about water in a hot country and is not particularly the best poem that projects a clear image to me, but it's certainly one of the most interesting one in Cluster 1. ...read more.


the setting for the poem as it tells us that it was 'raining' for 'ten hours', which was the reason for the Scorpio to crawl under a sack of rice, sheltering from the rain. In my opinion, this creates sympathy for the Scorpio yet it also builds towards fear as he can surprisingly and unexpectedly attack anyone who reaches for the sack of rice. On the other hand, the poem Blessing opens up with the line "The skin cracks like a pod" where the human skin is compared to a seed pod. It could symbolise the skin drying out to an extent where it faces cracks. The reason to this being the fact that "There never is enough water". Similarly to the opening in 'Night of the Scorpion' this poem creates sympathy for the subject mentioned in the poem. ...read more.


Then the flow of water builds up (second stanza), then we can link the third stanza to a pipe burst where the water bursts and the last stanza can connote the water running out again. In the poem 'Night of the Scorpion' the poet has split the poem into two stanza where the first one is a long and continuous stanza consisting of forty-five lines and the second one consisting of only three lines. This could symbolise the effect of the poison from the Scorpio. The first (long) stanza could represent the time in which the mother was affected by the poison of the Scorpio. The last stanza could represent the time when the poison wore off. In conclusion, the imagery presented in the two poems in quite unique which helps us to understand some significant stories that originate from another culture which differs from our own. ?? ?? ?? ?? Syed M. Abbas | English HW ...read more.

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