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I was so excited today was my first day of school.

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It was a beautiful sunny morning. I was awoken by the sunlight streaming through my curtains; it was blinding. I was so excited today was my first day of school. As I got out of bed I could hear my parents rushing around trying to get everything ready for my big day! I was so excited I decided to put my uniform on straight away. I had horrible grey trousers but they were very comfortable so I didn't mind. I had a brilliant bright red jumper like the sky in the evening. When I'd put it on I headed downstairs for some breakfast. When I got to the stairs the most fantastic smell hit me: Toast! mum Shouted at me to come down and get some breakfast "I'm coming down now" I shouted back at her as I ate my breakfast I decided to play with the dog. ...read more.


The pain was excruciating! There was blood everywhere and it was as red as my jumper. My dad had to come and pick me and carry me the rest of the way to school. That was definitely not the best start to the day you can have! When my dad put me down in the playground I was immediately approached by an old woman who looked as though she hadn't eaten for a while. She was very skinny and small. She wanted me to follow her inside so I could meet the other children inside. I was a bit weary to begin with as I didn't really want to let my mum and dad leave, but eventually I went. As I was shown my classroom I recognised some people I already knew and went immediately over there to talk to them. ...read more.


I once again got distracted! This time by the smell of food coming from the hall. It smelt delicious I really wanted to stay now but my mum was coming to collect me soon so I couldn't. I was very disappointed. When the teacher said we could go I was really excited. I had just finished my first day at school. My mum wasn't there when we left so in played football in the playground with my friends till she came. When she finally turned up, Which seemed like an hour later than she had originally said. I rushed over to her and gave her a big hug. "So what did you do today then" she asked "I got to be a mechanic" I told her Mum was very impressed with me and made me tell her what else I had done. I told I had done nothing else. I was so happy as I walked home "This was one of the best days in my life" I said as we walked through the park. Rob Fardon ...read more.

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