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I will be comparing The hunchback in the park and The clown punk and how the poets of the poems present isolated characters.

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Jason Swalli 11A 36-mark question Q: Compare the ways poets present isolated characters in âthe hunchback n the parkâ and one other poem from characters and voice. In this essay answer, I will be comparing âThe hunchback in the parkâ and âThe clown punkâ and how the poets of the poems present isolated characters. I will compare them in terms of the context, language, structure and moos/tone of the poem. âThe hunchback in the parkâ is about a homeless man that gets bullied by a small group of boys because of his hunchback and the fact that he lives in the park. He tried to keep away from the boys and the park keeper. This creates that he is isolated as is kept away from everyone, possibly because of his appearance. The poet is trying to create an isolated character here by explaining how he tries to keep away from the boys. ...read more.


The poet also, says that the character tries âdodging the park keeperâ. This shows an isolated character as it shows that the character is trying to keep away from everyone else and is therefore trying to remain isolated form other people. Similarly, In âThe clown punkâ, the poet presents an isolated character when he says, âevery pixel of the manâs skin is shot through indelible inkâ. This presents an isolated character as his appearance differs from the typical humans, In terms of the number of tattoos. As a result of the number of tattoos that he has, he is not seen as human, and is therefore isolated from other people. The poet uses the structure of the poem to present an isolated character in âThe hunchback the parkâ. The poem is in past tense, and this could show that the poet I recalling memories from their past. ...read more.


Another example of this is âmade all day until bell timeâ. This shows vulnerability in the poem. It also shows that He wants someone to protect him from people who mean harm to him. The fact hat he wants protection presents an isolated character as he has nobody to protect him and look after him, and he therefore has to rely on others to look after him. This differs to how the poet of âThe clown punkâ presents an isolated character. An example of this is âLet it rainâ. The rain in this quote could show tears, as the children wonât see the clown punk again. This presents an isolated character as it shows that the clown punk may be crying too as he is isolated and he may want people around him to look after him. To conclude, the poets in âThe hunchback in the parkâ and âThe clown punkâ use content, language, structure and mood/tone in the poems to present isolated characters. ...read more.

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