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Jealousy and Generosity - Personification

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´╗┐Amit Wangoo 05/12/2012 3.5 Jealousy and Generosity A small boy stood upon the lush green grass staring out into the penetrating mist that occupied the vast expanse of space. The boy stepped forward into the unknown. He stepped through the mist; it was as though some sort of barrier barring him access from a world behind a veil. A forest faced him as he stepped out of the mist. The boy looked side to side and up and down. The trees stretched far into the clouds while the forest edge disappeared into the mist either side of him. He crept into the forest, and slowly walked past tall towering trees and climbed over mammoth sized roots. The boy was thinking of a guy in his class at school, who had everything. He had the latest gadgets and most importantly loads of friends. There was no sound in the wood, except only for his own breath on the chilling air and the crunch of leaves under his feet. The boy was trudging along, when something caught his eye. It was a plant; a colourful and beautiful plant, the only thing that was remotely fascinating in what seemed to be a never ending forest. After a while of admiring he continued past it but he was abruptly brought down onto the leafy ground by what felt like a hand clenched around his foot. He stared down at his foot. The plant he had been looking at now had flailing roots that were snaking their way up his leg like a growing fire, slowly clawing its way up his leg pulling his leg to a mouth with razor sharp teeth. ?Help, Help, Help!? the boy screamed as he violently tried to tug his leg from the roots ?I will help you,? spoke a disembodied voice from out of the mist. The boy still struggling upon the ground was stunned. ...read more.


The boy looked at the man for a few seconds, pondering what the man had just said. He then said, ?Well, there?s this boy in my class at school and he?s really popular and got all these friends, and, and I wish I was like him.? ?Ah, so you?re jealous,? stated the in a hoarse man. ?No, no not jeal??? said the boy, but was interrupted by the man. ?Don?t worry jealously is a natural feeling and let me tell you something, there is an easy way to overcome it,? prowled the man. ?There, there is?? asked the boy, astounded. ?Yes there is,? hissed the man, who now started to walk towards the boy, with an odd, almost conspiring look on his face. His pupils bored deep into the boy?s eyes. ?I can get all you want but all you need to do everything that I tell you,? whispered the man. ?Um, ok,? said the boy uncertainly as the man approached the boy and laid a cold, pale palm on his shoulder. ?We need to hurt this boy. We need to make him feel pain and make him learn not to mess with us, I mean you,? he said, correcting himself quickly. ?I don?t think I want to do that actually,? he said slightly disturbed. ?Oh you want to, I know you do, otherwise you will regret it,? whispered the man, into the boys ear. The man had surprisingly cold breath that sent a shiver down the boy?s spine. ?No, no I don?t, I can?t, violence won?t solve anything,? spoke the boy, now feeling a sense of temptation. ?No ? one will ever know it was you and you?ll be as popular and have hundreds of friends and then you can have anything you want,? growled the man, stretching one arm out in front of the boy as though he were showing him a beautiful landscape. ...read more.


?Don?t listen to her,? the man scowled, swooping like a bird once again onto the boy and whispering in his ear. ?Remember, you must trust me, it was I that saved you, without me you would have died. My way is quick and easy, however her way requires patience,? the man said speaking quickly and quietly. The boy stood confused facing the pale man whose green eyes were still fixed on the boy and the beautiful women who was smiling at the boy, not knowing what he should do. ?I think I am going to go with you my good lady,? he said rather uncomfortably as the man looked mortified. The boy quickly rushed to the smiling lady. She placed her warm palm on the boy?s shoulder as they watch the pale man glare at the boy and walk back into the mist from wenst he had come. The boy was walking through the wood, with a sense of happiness inside him. He felt much better after he had had the talk with the women who advised the boy kindly and lovingly on how to overcome his dilemma. He was walking when voices started to fill his head. It was the voice of the pale man, he spoke of betrayal and how the boy would pay for his sins. Suddenly, out of nowhere the tall man materialised in front of the boy. He was more ragged than before and his hair hung down in curtains over his gleaming green eyes. He looked furious and he shouted, ?I saved you. You did not choose my advice but betrayed me and went with that cursed woman, Generosity. Now I will show you pain!? ?No, no I?m sorry, please don?t hurt me,? the boy squealed. The boy looked in horror as the man raised one shaking hand and brought it down through the air like a whip, striking the boy hard on the head. He fell to the ground and everything was black? ...read more.

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