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Journalism- A series of book reports/reviews.

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Nathan Derry Coursework-Journalism- A series of book reports/reviews, By Nathan Derry This article will comprise of a series of book reviews, with books from several different genres. I intend to give you an insight into what the books are about, what type of people would be interested, along with my recommendations. Firstly, 'A snowflake fell', compiled by Laura Whipple. Winter is all about the juxtaposition of cold and warmth, and Laura Whipple's poetry anthology, A Snowflake Fell: Poems About Winter, is sure to warm hearts of all ages. This collection is one of those rare volumes that I can share with both my four-year-old twins and my 10-year-old son. So, as Whipple advises in her introduction, "pop some corn; put your fuzzy slippers on, and use your imagination to experience the sharp smell of winter air, the sound of ice skates on a frozen pond, the touch of snow on your face and even the taste of the first snowflake as it falls from the sky." ...read more.


This is an American book, which was brought back for me by a relative, but I believe should be available in England very soon. When it is, I recommend it to everyone as a truly enjoyable read. The second book I will review is 'Roy Keane: the autobiography' The most talked about, written about and argued over sports autobiography of 2002, Keane: the Autobiography does not disappoint. This story of Manchester United and Ireland captain Roy Keane's brilliant and controversial career, written in collaboration with Irish journalist and former professional footballer Eamon Dunphy, crackles with score-settling vigour. It presents a revisionist view of a life in football that has had tabloid editors rubbing their hands with glee almost from the moment the fiery, confrontational midfielder made his British debut for Nottingham Forest under arch eccentric Brian Clough right through to his sensational bust-up with international boss Mick McCarthy and subsequent departure from the 2002 Irish World Cup squad on the eve of the finals. ...read more.


Question: How can you ensure that a person will hate a book? Answer: make him read it for year-11 English class, make sure that the language is old-fashioned, and above all, make sure that the ideas and concepts are over his head. If that's what happened to you, and that's why you have an aversion to Silas Marner, then I am with you all of the way. It starts out sad, as our pathetic hero looses both his trust in humanity and his faith in God, and I am afraid, continues in this vain throughout. In my opinion, this book can only be understood by the highly educated, as those less so will struggle to keep up with and understand the concepts and underlying meanings, which are dominant throughout. Without explanation, I predict that many will struggle with this book and is not one of my recommendations. This book has been for many years, an still is available, in most book shops. ...read more.

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