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My Book Report About 'I Capture The Castle'- Dodie Smith

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My Book Report About 'I Capture The Castle'- Dodie Smith I have chosen to write my book report about a book that I have read several times and thoroughly enjoy, called 'I Capture The Castle' by Dodie Smith. (Show book) I first read it because when I was around 9 or 10 years old, I read a different book called 'Skinny Melon and Me' by Jean Ure. It was mentioned in that book, and because I enjoyed 'Skinny Melon' I decided to read it. The book is about the diary entries of a girl who is about 17 years old, called Cassandra Mortmain. She lives in a ruined castle, along with her beautiful, yet depressed, sister Rose, Topaz, an artists model turned stepmother who has a ...read more.


However, it seems like a miracle one day, when two handsome heirs to the local manor lose their way, and end up at Godsend Castle, where the Mortmains live, so Cassandra sets about trying to make the older of the two fall in love with Rose. I found this book both comical and sad, which are two things you can rarely find in books for our age group. It is amusing the way that Cassandra cannot see how funny the various situations are, but as a reader, it is incredibly obvious. It is set in the time of King George the V, and therefore uses quite challenging and old-fashioned vocabulary and language. ...read more.


is in the kitchen. Cassandra is in the bath in the kitchen (but behind a clothes horse), and she has just told Simon so. He thinks she is a child for some reason, and she has not corrected him. Neil has just found his way into the kitchen. (Quote) I chose to read this quote because it is slightly funny, and it does not give away too much of the story, and it gives a good flavour of the tone of the book. I would definitely recommend this book to someone of our age, as it is funny, sad, and overall very enjoyable. I would read other work by Dodie Smith, because I have enjoyed this book, and hopefully her others are just as good. As a reading challenge, my next book could perhaps be more serious, or a classic. Nadia Hassan 8G ...read more.

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