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Lord Of the Rings: Media Assignment

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Nicola Whitehead 1st February 2004 Lord Of the Rings: Media Assignment The novel we have chosen to study in more detail is J.R.R Tolkeins "Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring". The director Peter Jackson brings the book to screen in a realistic sort of way. We have studied the scene when the Ringwraith meets Frodo for the first time. In the novel the author uses techniques to create tension and atmosphere. One technique the author uses in his passage is the power of the exclamation mark. E uses this to express the need of urgency the characters are feeling. "Lets get out of sight" He uses the power of the exclamation mark to emphasise the fact that Frodo and his colleagues need to get off the road. Frodo had sensed that the Ringwraith was on his way. He told his friends to get off the road but needed to say it again. The author used the exclamation mark in the book to show Frodo was shouting and needed his colleagues to move out of sight immediately. ...read more.


to say, I know they are around here, this is when you start to wonder if Frodo and his friends will escape or will they be caught. This passage refers to how Frodo was feeling. He was feeling scared and worried, the Ringwraith was scaring him, he was getting flustered and was so scared he went to place the fifth ring on his middle finger to become invisible. But his friend elbowed him and he didn't place it on his finger. "Unreasoning fear of discovery" It gives the effect that the Ringwraith was a major influence on Frodo. The sixth section looks at the power and control the Ringwraith has. "The rider sat up... horse stepped forwards... walking very slowly" "The desire was so strong, unreasoning fear of discovery." This is used to show how big and powerful the Ringwraith is compared to Frodo and the hobbits. The last passage gives effect to Frodos movement. "Frodo crawled to the edge of the road, he watched the rider until he disappeared" Frodo lay low until he was sure they were safe. ...read more.


Then as Frodo and his friends were sheltering underneath a tree root the music becomes a lot quieter, then the director accentuates the scene by showing the Ringwraith. Another different sound technique the director used to exaggerate certain sounds for example When the Ringwraith comes to a halt he sniffs the air. Searching for the ring. The sniffing effect is exaggerated to show how powerful the character is. In addition to this another example is when the Ringwraith jumps off the horse due to his weight he comes crashing down to the ground. To emphasis his feet hitting the ground is used to show he has a menacing personality and is a strong, powerful man. For this technique the director uses this expression that he gets the character to talk is getting them to talk in short sentences. Fast and high pitch and they are trying to get across to the audience that they are scared. This different techniques in the film would be in the opening scene is the weather to set the tone. The weather is trying to mirror the Ringwraith personality by changing from a sunny day to a cold and windy day. To give the effect the Ringwraith is evil. ...read more.

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