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Love And Loss

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Love And Loss I chose to discuss love and loss as these were two strong emotions that have occured in my life. They are both very different but also similar in a way. The two poems I felt dealt with love and loss the best were 'The Thickness Of Ice' by Liz Loxley and 'Remember' by Christina Rossetti. I chose these poems as the thoughts reflected and the experiences included related very much to my own life and views. 'The Thickness of Ice' by Liz Loxley is a well structured, modern poem which refers to how strong love can be but how it can also be the cause to end a relationship. It shows how couples need more than love to keep them together. 'Ice' is a metaphor for a relationship. The persona uses this to show how it can be strong and can withstand pressure but can just as easily thaw, crack and eventually break. Also, the persona uses visual metaphors such as "thickness" (stanza two) and "thinness" of ice. One representing a possible long lasting relationship, and the other representing how easily it can fall apart. This poem portrays loss as in a couple going their separate ways. 'Remember' by Christina Rossetti is a pre-1900 sonnet which deals with life after the death of a loved one. It is a request from the poet on what to do and how to feel after her death. The persona is young, and the life expectancy of a young person in Victorian times was not very high compared to modern society. ...read more.


Stanza 3 implies the couple will soon be comfortable together but this will result in one partner not making a big effort to impress the other. In most relationships, feeling comfortable with your partner and not feeling the need to hide your flaws is a positive feat. It allows you to be yourself around your partner and you will be happy with the knowledge that they love you for who you are. In this case however, the persona reckons both of them will lose interest in one another and will forget what they each loved about their partner when the first began their relationship. The repetition of "less" suggests this situation will arise eventually and "old routine" shows boredom will set in. At this point in their relationship. the persona feels reality will set in and they both will realise they aren't truly in love and that it was only infatuation. Stanza 4 explains how both partners will simulate that the atmosphere between them is happy and contented although they will both know in their hearts that their relationship is not working. "The creeping cracks will be ignored" gives an image that every disagreement, cruel word or lack of respect will allow this relationship to fall apart. The fact that neither partner will try to prevent these "cracks" from spreading shows that the fire which was once the reason for them to stay together has finally burnt out. "We will scramble to save ourselves / And not each other)" ...read more.


ends the sonnet and is the final message from the persona to her lover. They are very strong lines and convey a clear message. She tells him that if he has to forget her in order to move on with life and love, then to do so because she doesn't want him to be unhappy. This is opposite to the previous lines where she wanted to be remembered forever. I feel this shows true love as the persona doesn't want her partner to remember her at all if it causes him to grieve. Most people want to leave memories in the world and not be forgotten, but she is more concerned with her partner's feelings. I enjoyed "The Thickness Of Ice" as I could relate it to my past relationships and experiences. I definitely learnt through my mistakes and will always have regrets. I felt the theme expressed the poet's points clearly. This poem was different to the sonnet as it focused on infatuation and a breakup whereas the sonnet focused on eternal love, even after the death of one of the partners. I enjoyed "Remember" as I felt it stated what I wish for my loved ones when I am gone. It was well written and Rossetti's thoughts were expressed beautifully. Love is considered eternal and memories will never fade, but life has to go on, whether you have discontinued a relationship or a partner has passed on. You shouldn't fall in love with someone you can live with, you should fall in love with someone you can't live without. And as the Italians say, "L'amore e un viaggio dentro noi" which translated means "Love is a journey inside ourselves". Beckiy Webber 11-4 ...read more.

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