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Love Poetry.

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Love Poetry English coursework Lloyd Griffiths11E I have studied two poems that are about love and seduction - 'To my Coy Mistress' by Andrew Marvell and 'the seduction' by Eileen McCauley. I will look at each of these to see how each one portrays love and seduction and how the authors use different style and language to show this portrayal. I will first study 'To my Coy Mistress' by Andrew Marvell. The first the thing you notice about this poem is the title of the poem. This title suggests how the man writing the poem is trying to get a successful seduction from his girlfriend. The word Andrew Marvell uses there is coy and this means to be shy or withdrawn and this suggests to me that it could be a poem of seduction and charm if his mistress is coy. The first lines of the poem say to his mistress 'had we but world enough, and time. This coyness lady were no crime.' He says to her that if they had enough time then they could do whatever they wanted and the shyness of his mistress would be nothing wrong. I think he does this because he does not want to get angry and he wants to please her. I think he also tries to impress in the next line with tales of exotic places. He says 'to walk, and pass our loves long day, thou by the Indian Ganges side' I think he is trying to charm her by saying that if he had all the time, he would take her to India, which would be very exotic and rare when this poem was written. I think him comparing this beautiful place to the dingy Humber River, shows us what the difference would be if they were not together because he says he would complain if she were not by his side. ...read more.


The disgusting thought of worms eating away at her virginity is horrible, but also true that if she tries to be so reserved, then it will work horribly against her when she dies, and her honour will go with this. He also says with this 'and into ashes all my lust' So here he is showing how he can not love her or make love to her once she has died, so why don't they show their love for each other while they can. I also think he is saying that if she loses her virginity to worms, then she will not enjoy it, but if they make love, then they will enjoy it much more and there will be more honour to it. After this point in the poem, I think Marvell is showing that he makes a more concertive effort to gain the lady's love physically and also he shows them as one pair rather than two separate people, and therefore they are together. The first line is ' Now therefore, while the youthful hew sits on thy skin like morning dew' and I think this is showing the woman as personification of the dew, which is young and pure and beautiful in its way. He is also showing again how they are at the prime of their life and is at the best time to get together. I think at the word 'now', it signals a change in mood for the poem, as he is trying to tie up a physical relationship with her from then onwards in the poem. He has showed his love for her, and then showed the advantages of losing her virginity here and now he is trying to finally convince her that it's the right thing to do. The language that Andrew Marvell uses shows the type of seduction that is quite charming and intrusive, but in a subtle way. ...read more.


One more thing I can see from this poem seduction, is that these chemical seductions can happen to people with many hopes and dreams but sex could ruin their lives forever, with babies. We know that this girl wanted nothing from this boy but was tempted and she now is 'three months gone'. It shows us here the reality that our actions under alcohol sometimes come back to haunt us. In the poem, she 'sobbed in the cool, locked darkness of her room and she ripped up her my guy and Jackie photo comics until they were just bright paper, like confetti, strewn on the carpet,' I think here, the girl feels very much cheated by the promises from the magazines and that they did not tell her the full story of sex and that it did not tell her that it would have this bad consequences. The next verse then tells us how the pregnancy has robbed her of a part of her life, where she develops from a teenager into an adult, instead becoming from a teenager into a mother, which totally trips past what could have been an enjoyable part of her life for her. It also tell us of 'stupid stupid stupid promises, only tacitly made' I think this is similar in a way to my coy mistress because there is a type of charm being appeared to be used, in a way but we can only judge for ourselves if both of them want love from their woman. The final thing I have found out from this poem that people's judgment of others can sometimes be far too stereotyped and people do not think about what they ay before criticizing others. ' You always looked the type' is the reaction that many could see from neighbours but in this case, could be seen to be unfair because she has been seduced by teenage hood and drink from this boy. It shows us that maybe we judge people too quickly before knowing their situation. By Lloyd Griffiths ...read more.

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