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Lucy's frightened eyes met his.

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Short story - coursework. Bonnie Miller Lucy's frightened eyes met his. He seemed to stare back through his empty eyes. Lucy turned away and suddenly screamed. In front of her was a woman with jet-black hair, her face as white as chalk and in her hand she held a gun. Lucy laughed at her own stupidity as of course the woman with a gun was merely her own reflection. She stared into the mirror and remembered this morning how she had stood there getting ready for work. It had seemed such an ordinary morning, like any other. Whilst she had put on her make up, Jack sat there sipping his coffee and commenting on how beautiful his wife Lucy was. Lucy remembered sighing and congratulating herself on marrying such a wonderful man. Lucy wiped the tear off her cheek and calmly placed the gun on the floor. ...read more.


Lucy was suspicious that Jack would go out one night a week without her. Jack would not tell her who he was with or where he was going, but Lucy reassured herself. If it were another woman surely he would have made excuses so that she wouldn't be so suspecting. Jack always had told her that he needed his own time and that she should trust him. Stupidly Lucy had trusted him. That was until three hours ago. As soon as she had come home from work the dreaded weekly phone call arrived. Lucy's mother was the type of woman who pretended she did not like to stay and chat on the phone, she was simply just too busy. Instead she called Lucy up demanding useless information , Lucy understood this was her way of saying 'How are you?' ...read more.


Her memory was completely blank, up until the moment when Jack had come home. As he had walked through the front door, Lucy had pointed a gun to his head. Jacks face had become white and rigid with fear. He had recognised the gun, he knew his secret was out. 'Come on Lucy don't be stupid we can get through this. Put it down.' He had pleaded. 'No Jack, I can't let you live. It's over now they can't get you.' With that Lucy had pulled the trigger. Jack fell to the floor and lay still. The ring of the doorbell interrupted her thoughts. The police were here. Lucy quickly thought of her options. She could be with Jack. She placed the gun to her head, took a deep breath, slowly placed her finger on the trigger. When for the second time the doorbell interrupted her. Lucy dropped the gun hard on the floor. She slowly with her head held high opened the door. Words - 780 ...read more.

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