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Marriage and Divorce

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Marriage and Divorce My coursework is about marriage and divorce and about love and the legal and spiritual bond that marriage is. Marriage is a spiritual bond between a man and a woman and a legal contract. It is a sign of love where a contract of life long commitment to each other is signed. On their wedding day the couple stand before God, in the presence of their family and friends and make life long vows to each other. They are that marriage: Celebrates - That all love comes from God and marriage is a celebration of the couples love for each other and for God. Promises - That the loving power of God will strengthen and support the couple in their life together. Calls - The couple to grow as people of love and to show the world the meaning of love. This is the calling or vocation of married people. According to the teachings of the Holy Bible love is fundamental to married life. In the English language love is a lot of the time misused and understood. E.g. Teenagers in meaningless relationships say they love each other when all they have is a good friendship. Unlike the Greek language, which has four words to describe different types of love. With Philos, Storge, Eros and Agape they could be specific about which type of love they meant. Storge = A love of lesser (material) things. E.g. "I love chocolate." Philos = Love of family and friends. E.g. "I love my best friend." ...read more.


marriage today: * Love is the most important of all virtues * Husbands and wives must love each other * In sexual matters couples should put their partners first * Partners should respect each other * The husband is head of his wife * A man should only have one wife and a woman only one husband Else where in the New Testament we find Jesus' teaching on marriage and divorce, he has the following to say: * When men and women and are married it is permanent * It is god who unites the couple * Divorce and re-marriage is adultery St. Paul said "wives and husbands should love each other like god loves his church a man must respect his wife as he treats his own body." In Matthews gospel concerning divorce Jesus said: "anyone who divorces his wife must give her a written notice of divorce. But now I tell you: if a man divorces his wife, for any cause other than her unfaithfulness, then he is guilty of making her commit adultery. If she marries again, the man who marries her committed adultery also. A Christian marriage is one that involves god and therefore should be different. The ceremony of marriage usually takes place within the mass and has a number of parts. St. Paul sees marriage as a symbol of Christ's love for the church (Ephesians 5:21-23) when husbands love their wives they are doing what Christ does for his church. ...read more.


Not spending time together If both partners are working or if one partner is away for long periods of time and no time is spent together the relationship may suffer. Poor communication... If the couple don't spend time talking and listening to each other, they may feel lonely or neglected. High expectations Some people think that marriage is always going to be a loving, happy experience and when it isn't they feel let down and disappointed. The media Newspapers, magazines and TV show couples who are always happy, or it shows marriages where there is extra marital affairs and sometimes if our marriage are not the same we become concerned. The Catholic church believes that when a couple get married it is for life, and the vows they make before God and the people of the church can never be broken it is for these reasons that the Catholic does not allow divorce. However if a marriage does completely break down and the church realises that the couple should not have to live together. Divorce is therefore seen as necessary for the happiness or protection of the people but it must always be the last resort. Once a person is divorced they cannot re-marry and remain a member of the church. A person can only re-marry and stay within the Catholic church if their partner dies or their first marriage is annulled. An annulment is granted if it can be proved that when the couple were married one person did not intend, or was unable to keep the promises they made on their wedding day. ...read more.

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